Quick and Healthy Snacks | Non Fried Snack Recipes

Easy Indian Snack Recipes Healthy Snacks Recipe.. Product Used Prestige Pan : https://goo.gl/wny6b6 Induction Cooktop: https://goo.gl/u8iDca How To Make Cream Cheese: https://youtu.be/f9kEhBDVzc0…


  1. Mou Bhattacharyya

    the papad idea is messy to eat and it will be soggy in no time because of the lemon juice.
    you really small bite size papad.
    may be nachos/chips are good alternative. guest can make their own .

  2. Varsha Nadar Nadar


  3. vry vry nice

  4. Who are you mam? You rock. I'm subscribing just because of the simplicity. Recipes music both awesome. Love from kalai.❤that glass chapathi roller was so cute. Small details are clearly explained. You are different.

  5. 4:14 fat ass backwood

  6. Yum !! Tasty !!..:)

  7. excellent mam I like it

  8. HCNZ

  9. Wow so tasty

  10. Can we use tetra pack milk for making masala paneer?

  11. All are yum recipes

  12. Plz suggest any other name for cream cheese

  13. That belan looks so fancy want one

  14. l really liked it

  15. Masala paneer was too good

  16. Non fried iteam hai par phirvi fry karke dikhaya paneer roll

  17. Fta hua dood is not healthy

  18. Actually mam, these are not quick recipes if u add the time to cut n prepare the ingredients. But they are tasty.

  19. Awesome

  20. Thank you

  21. Learn Languages With Yogee

    I was also wondering what is cream cheese. I searched youtube… how to make cream cheese… then I saw on the channel Bhavana's Kitchen…. it's freshly made paneer…

  22. Chia seeds means sadza

  23. coldasiceprincezz

    I gotta try like three of them very nice. Thanks for sharing

  24. PathanTazmil TazmilPathan

    Guys are you like Indiana Recpie I love so much

  25. Darvesh badwani

    You could have got hurt if you kept your index finger just a little bit right side while cutting the bread

  26. beautiful rolling pin..

  27. Varsha aggarwal

    super recipe

  28. Knife is not good

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