Quick and Easy Rice Recipes – Part 2 | One pot meal | Lunch box recipes | Rice Varieties

Quick and Easy Rice Recipes – Part 2 | One pot meal | Lunch box recipes | Rice Varieties. Paneer Pulao, Veg fried rice, Spinach pulao and veg pulao. Paneer …


  1. Nice..

  2. kanishkar kanishkar

    super very colourful

  3. Agr pateeli mai bnayen to rice dal kr kitni der cook kren?? Or kitni falame p?? Plz reply me

  4. rice cooker name what

  5. who to cut carrot very smalli

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  7. is it boiled rice

  8. Shaik Khairoonnisa Nisa

    aap a rice cooker me banai????

  9. Craftwork Entertainment

    Super thanks

  10. quantity 1 glass rice for 1 1/2 water ah mam

  11. Which biryani masala you use?

  12. satyanarayana seethalam


  13. Wow i love it

  14. Waw…yammmyyy

  15. Fantastic way of guiding greatjob vv yummy!!

  16. naziya tabassum

    nice I love it

  17. Srividya Somala

    Palak ricelo carrot enduku

  18. Awesome

  19. Merugu Sravani 995

    Very very very very Super

  20. matka satta mamu

    very nice good

  21. very nice I like it

  22. Yummy receipe thanks n sub back

  23. Sahana's Multi Cuisine Food

    Nice recipe. . . thank you

  24. wonderful great job cooking Is an art that's proved

  25. Sandhya playlist Sandy

    Wow yemmi I liked it

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