Here is a simple & easy recipe of puri bhaji which is ideal for breakfast or lunch,or best served as a sunday brunch,you can also make it for kids lunch box, hope you like the recipe for more…


  1. I tried making this but my puris did not puff up. your way is quicker

  2. Nice recipe, Great job!

  3. Appetizing Work. Happy Weekend.

  4. superb & really yummy recipe…looking very delicious..one like for this one

  5. Nice recipe Kulsum. This looks delicious

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  9. that looks very tasty

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    Wow very nice

  11. samadjasnaik jasnaik

    zabardast tes sahi hai bhabi

  12. OMG that fluffy bread looks amazing!

  13. KabulKitchen Recipes

    Your puri looks so soft and fluffy, perfect puris!

  14. delicious

  15. this puri bhaji looks so amazing

  16. Perfect recipe of Puri Bhaaji finding since long,definitely will try it.

  17. Prangya's Kitchen

    yummy my fav recipe.love it

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