Pune Food | Vegetarian Food at Le Plaisir Restaurant in Pune

Pune food journey without a good place for brunch is kind of incomplete. So I checked out the vegetarian food at Le Plaisir in Pune. Mohita from …


  1. Who would have thought that Pune, a city with Marathi culture in its roots could roll out such dishes. Awesome

  2. Dont wanna get personal, but why this lady always portrays unhealthy food ??? All i can see is lots of sugar , cheese & refined flour bread . Nutrition values goes out of the window the moment this lady comes on the screen.

  3. Kanupriya Jaireth

    Please please upload more often. I really love your vlogs. Please teach some special Sindhi dishes & also cover Pondicherry & Chennai

  4. Kanupriya Jaireth

    It's great that you & Mohita are collaborating. I will pakkka go to this restaurant & try the food when ever I visit Pune.

  5. The address please?

  6. I am big fan of both of u…❤

  7. I forgot to say that I love sitaphal milkshake 🙂

  8. Nice video

  9. and please please do only solo videos!

  10. Hi Shweta, can I correct Mohita? Palisir in 'Le plaisir' is pronounced as play-zeer and this means pleasure in French 🙂
    food looked yum but the bread went completely limp in the soup :-/

  11. I love the top your wearing where is it from ?

  12. Mast jodi but Mohita's Cam is better exposure outcome.

  13. Check ur weight ur looking fatty

  14. Hey Shweta! Nice vlog! Awesome food. My favorite milkshake is strawberry and chikkoo.

  15. Shibani Sen Verma

    Just saw Mohitas vlog, but had to see your version as u and I have one thing in common, Vegetarianism!! Excellent vlog as usual. Loved the panacotta

  16. shweta amgaonkar

    Mohita is bettr den u….shes so expressive…u dnt hav good expressions while tryin out food….

  17. Anjali Kumari Mahawer

    Superb food video Di

  18. Nice to see u both again and again keep moving ……good show thanku…..

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