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  1. inspector gadget

    Meat-eating is natural and there's nothing immoral about feasting on juicy steak now and then. Vegetarian and vegan diets in the long-term can cause nutrient deficiencies cause there are just too many nutritional pitfalls associated with alternative or as I like to call them deviant diets. We evolved to eat meat. Factory farming needs improving not abolishing. Skeptics of factory farming (most vegetarians and vegans) don't realise that without factory farming food will be expensive and it would be difficult to feed a growing population. Also, by eating meat you are controlling cattle and other livestock from outbreeding human population and thereby creating less habitable places for humans to live. There are more reasons in favor of meat-eating than there are against meat-eating. Common sense and logic tells me moderate meat-eating is the natural way of eating for most of mankind.

  2. Çãrłöż Charly

    Broccoli has more protein than meat. And not only has more protein but is great against fighting cancer too, compare to meat and diary products that gives you cancer and other health problems! Other good sources of protein too are all beans and lentils!

  3. Too much protein is bad for kidneys

  4. can you revidw protein powder? a in depth review and explenation ? can we use them or are they bad? a lot of protien powder do contain aspartame and sucralose too
    if you have a video on this let me know

  5. boob protein

  6. Women should not cross their legs.  The reason is because it causes lower back pain so if you have lower back pain and you are a female then don' t cross your legs and see what happens afterwards.

  7. If you want to have the best protein on meat … Look for "NO HORMONES ADDED or WILD"for example on fish if you buy it at the store make sure it says "WILD" NOT "FARM HARVEST"… One more thing I forgot to mention.. Usually WILD meat is more expensive the FARM meat.. Thank you

  8. I find Dr Bollonzi's comments near the end re healthy animals to be spot on. If you're a vegetarian then this doesn't apply to you. For me, the avoidance of processed foods is key, read labels, know where your food comes from and what's in it. If possible grow some (or optimally all) of your own food. 

  9. mikael chateauneuf

    dont let these idiots ruin your videos, they are great. If they cannot take the time to listen to your messages and just look at your cleevage… well too bad for them, they are probably not educated and cannot be so. Keep up your good work, I actually lost 95 pounds used to be 260, now about 170. I mostly watch your meat and protein videos cos I have been bulking for a while, however I am concerned about cholesterol over the long run. Also, well its hard to consume 3500 calories which are my daily needs cos of intense workouts and muscular weight to at least maintain, it is pretty hard to achieve 3500 calories with always eating lean. All im saying is your videos really are instructional and keep up the good work, subscribed to your chanel and encouraging you 🙂

  10. fliptthescript

    how come deer only eat plants and buld up big strong muscles and are fine without protein or very little based on their diet?

  11. What are the main causes of bad digestion of nutrients and how to avoid it? 

  12. Hannah Brandanger

    A long time ago people had to eat meat to stay alive. It was necessary because they couldn't run to a grocery store in the middle of winter and buy rice, potatoes, etc.. Nowadays we have the ability to live without animal products and to prevent the cruelty that used to be necessary for our survival. I think humans are able to eat meat, but why kill the animals if we don't have to and if we can be perfectly healthy without it. The argument of dairy is a completely separate issue. No other being in the world drinks another animal's milk and no other animals drink any type of milk after their weaning off of their mother. People say that they get their calcium from their milk and yet it has been shown in studies ( that the people who drink the most milk also have the highest rates of osteoporosis (Brittle bones due to a lack of calcium.) 

  13. furniture store

    nice tits girl!  congratulations

  14. I wish she'd interview Paul Jaminet.

  15. I don't think that "to eat a diet" reflects a correct use of English.

  16. 1 g of protein per pound of weight is too much. I simply can't eat that much food. Most people can't. He probably meant 1 g per kg.

  17. more protein equal more muscle???

  18. Is Corrina Rachel a vegetarian?

  19. RantingForSanity

    Word if advice, guys…if you want to learn anything from this vid, audio only….

  20. PaulBodyBuilder

    Very sexy. Very good questions as well. Great interview.
    R u single

  21. I have a question: Can you talk about L-cysteine. I heard that they take these proteins from human hair to improve bread. I was totally amazed and mad about this. Is this good/ healthy? Can you talk about the advantage and disadvantage of this? 
    Woman from Curacao

  22. I don't understand why the host repeatedly suggests the concept of consuming too much protein. Even after the DOCTOR SHE CHOSE to interview on the subject explains several times that it is either not a concern, or of much less concern (especially for the average person) than not consuming enough protein. It's rather irritating after the third time to just be honest. And I am typically pretty tolerant of these things, let alone to get irritated enough to post a comment on the matter.

  23. so hard… to focuss on the point of the video!..

  24. Awesome video

  25. Jorgensen Penus

    The animal went and gathered huh? I thought the were fed cheap grain.

  26. i become a vegetarian in may 2012 and I lost 30 pounds. 🙂

  27. Sorry heals the body

  28. An animal and dairy based diet like our western diet straight up causes heart disease, cancer, and countless so many other health disasters. A great documentary to watch is Forks over Knives, these doctors literally turned off and on cancer and other problems in patients by giving them a whole food vegan diet and then giving them animal products. A whole food vegan diet heals the diet, and makes u feel a lot better. Better for the planet and karma too it's a win win

  29. GangrelFledgling

    I am vegan & eat organic (nonGMO). I don't eat anything that has had unnatural processes applied to it like hydrogenated oils. There's a website called naturalnews w/ an article on oil in foods.
    The people I know personally who I was referring to eat grass fed cows & free range chickens but they are all still overweight, they exercise & are very active.

    I'm trying to say that since going vegan I have lost the majority of my excess body fat but have done nothing else differently lifestyle wise.


  31. I know vegans that are very overweight. You can still eat crap and not eat meat products. It's all about your overall diet and exercise. Not just about whether or not you eat meat.

  32. GangrelFledgling

    I'm vegan and seem to have a lot less fat than anyone I know that eats meat and dairy.

  33. take enzymes and calciium from suppliments and Goats Milk.

  34. The longest living people on the planet with the most documented centenarians are the Okinawans. Their diet consists of approximately 70-80% carbohydrates. 10-20% protein. 10% fat. The Okinawans are active well into their later years with very low rates of diseases. You do not need heavy protein diets. It taxes the body, especially the kidneys.

  35. I suggest that you watch "Forks over Knives" on hulu. Then head over to any of the following websites.. Dr. John McDougall,, Engine2, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell. There are more, but that will suffice in answering your questions on nutrition, enjoy

  36. there ant nothing wrong what he just said……..

  37. Dr. Vincent Bellonzi, in my opinion, has exhibited deceptive business practices with me personally. Also, with my research, I found he has opened/closed several medical offices within just the last few years. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Austin, Texas as well as reporting him for a possible HIPAA violation. Both of these complaints will be public record. My advice, BUYER BEWARE on ANYTHING that Dr. Vincent Bellonzi is associated.

  38. Maybe it would be better to soak them before grinding them so that they would start to sprout?

  39. Daniel Burdick

    Friend eats kiefered goat's milk and acorns, some sprouts too sometimes. Takes the acorns grinds beats the hulls off in a big metal bowl using a hand drill (with a small rectangular bar instead of a drill bit) grinds them on the kitchen floor with an electric grinder, puts in cheese cloth bag and puts in back of toilet, after a day or two of flushes – with the tannin reduced – he makes pancake sized acorn cakes that he "cooks" in a 130 degree or so "oven" – so to not damage the enzymes. Namaste.

  40. MrBrownstone8881

    sorry Corrina, you're not winning on the vegetarian battle, this guy is killing your dreams.

  41. MrBrownstone8881

    i like her legs, but thats not enough, I have to like the face im looking at… i just dont

  42. MrBrownstone8881

    Im a man, Im only gonna eat meat…. wrapped in meat, even my salad consists of only meat.

  43. I mean she makes sense 🙂

  44. Cows don't need to eat meat to live. Pffft what she says is nonsense.

  45. SHE KEPT pushing him towards the whole concept of too much protein. He kept having to answer the same question.

  46. Whey Protein powder can be sprinkled on anything. There are many powders to choose from, talk to a nutritionist, or a dietitian. They can be mixed with your favorite drink.

  47. Corrina, I suggest you interview Paul Jaminet at perfecthealthdiet . com. You'd able to get lots of scientific facts from him. He seems to be a very intelligent man.

  48. Legumes, nuts, and grains have lots of antinutrients (i.e., toxins) and need to be processed properly to neutralize as much of them as possible. Most people won't do that and will end up with nutrient deficiencies despite eating like cows.

  49. How many times can you ask the same question? Is it me, or was she repeating this question because she wanted him to say, "Yes, animal products are bad for you."?

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