Piers Morgan Hospitalized From Vegan Food

Piers Morgan took one bite of a vegan sausage roll on live tv. And several days after he’s in the hospital with stomach inflammation saying the vegan sausage …


  1. Is it legal to beat this man senseless with a frozen Tofurky roast? Because that's where I'm at right now with Piers Morgan.

  2. “Vegan” is an old Indian word…….. means “bad hunter”

  3. Alan Whitton: Coaching - Therapy - Performance

    crushed it my friend

  4. Yes Ryan, please come and debunk Piers, he's SOOO irritating……

  5. Piers Morgan is a moron. One of my friends shared the video of him saying that farmers livings are being ruined by vegans and I had to point out the vegans have to eat. Arable farmers are a thing it's not just pastoral farmers and a lot of the foods that vegans eat are actually grown in the UK. Mushrooms for vitamin D. Kale for vitamin C and iron. Fava beans for protein etc…

  6. Texas hog hunter here, I don't like Piers Morgan also!

  7. Veganism is hilarious.

  8. Piers Morgan is a complete cretin. I don't understand a couple of things…firstly why anyone would watch this programme and secondly listen to him. People need to simply not watch him and when the viewing figures drop he will thankfully go away. He is not contributing anything positive. Change the channel or switch the tv off and do something more productive

  9. I hope he dies

  10. whats 12 inches long and dangles in front of a t**t?
    Piers Morgans tie

  11. Can you honestly not tell when something is a joke?

  12. That £1000 bet hm…

  13. lol it's becozzzz PIERS LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES VEGANZ , other wise he would not be giving us aaaall this attention , thank you Puffy Piers ;D)))

  14. Hi vegans, most of you are going to be exvegans and it's great

  15. Cooked dead animal sausage is amazing

  16. I am a happy healthy carnivore

  17. fuckfannyfiddlefart

    PM is a total right wing piece of human waste, you can bet he's getting paid for his anti-vegan crusade.

  18. Such lies! I am vegan and healthy.

  19. No he is just not blindly religion poisoned ! No more " vegy burger " in Paris, City of love ! Well, they probablly messure stench of vegan working stomack & guts, no kissing, one wants to smell a women NOT a cow, mouth ! Kiss your powder bye ! Meat eat !

  20. The nocebo effect?

  21. Pierce is part of the misinformation. As long as we senselessly kill we will never be a a connected society that incompasses everyone and all cultures. Point two the hormones when stressed meat is consumed makes for a alot of personality issues. Last which may be the biggest food is energy and plants are fed by the same forces we truly need not to mention the only way to obtain your full brains potential. We exclude ancient and abroriginal practices of incorperation trees into the equation where we get the highest glutathione levels which essentially is a anti ager to the max. On this plane the rich get richer and poor stay poor by design and there not question why project solar shield , flouride in water , 5g amongst other practices exist. Much love

  22. It is popular to bash good eating.
    2:06this is complete gastronomic

    * the action of taking something for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission

    The GASTRONOMIC Appropriation is that he was taking a foodstuff that is not of his liking and saying that we have taken it from him. IT IS DOUBLE SPEAK.

    More than likely this is to try to get people away from Veganuary

    It is OK TO BASH Vegans – or people that are not in your group or culture, and since most vegans are passive, he can get away with it – NOW, if he was to BASH THE KETO DIET…. God help him.

  23. 1 min in. this clip is just hatin for the hate. I don't like Piers Morgan but you hating on him for having a subjective taste and smell? I really don't care about this video at this point.

  24. Love ya man …keep it true

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