Penne Pasta, Italian Vegetarian Recipe

This great Penne Pasta dish is a sure fire hit with the whole family. The colors and the texture in the dish make it very appealing and inviting. The part that we …


  1. Rosario Longoria

    thank you ladies!!

  2. Your Best Self UAE

    Great channel! Keep up the good vibes 🙂

  3. uttam

  4. gautam kaushik

    who ……says its vegeterian

  5. The Baseball Guy

    Thank you beautiful girls for this beautiful recipe.  This is going to really go well with my fish entrees.  I know my tongue will be saying welcome to flavor country.  How can I get one of those great aprons?

  6. I like Penne pasta shape the most and this simple and easy to cook recipe is healthy and yummy as well.

  7. countroshculla

    This is a beautiful and delicious looking dish. I want to try this out soon.

  8. Cinzia Romagnoli Fisioterapista

    Italian recipe??? Are you sure???

  9. Cinzia Romagnoli Fisioterapista

    Italian recipe??? Are you sure???

  10. arabiaبنت عربيه

    جميل جدا حلو جميل جميل حلو حلو حلو

  11. I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow 🙂

  12. Yummy !

  13. hello hetal and anuja cn i make the sundried tomatoes at home …..

  14. DonPepinoSauces

    Thank you for always incorporating a vegetarian and meat option in your recipes, we love that!


    Absolutely! It will look fantastic!

  16. Thankyou so much for the wonderful recipe. But one question, can I add carrots for the orange color look with green bell peppers?

  17. Heart attack is waiting for you bro 🙂

  18. hi it looks very delicious, but plz what do put after the sun-dried tomatoes??

  19. Brian Thompson

    aaaand my feelings are hurt

  20. i love pasta so much …….

  21. Brian Thompson

    Im watching this while eating beef jerkey and a cheeseburger laughing at all you tree hugging bark chewing little people


    Why stop at SMELL? Why not TASTE over the net??? Now would THAT not be cool???

  23. It's twentytwelve, why dont we have the ability to SMELL stuff over internet :<

  24. i wanna try it coz it's healthy!

  25. I'm Italian and I don't like this video. Sorry.

  26. The lady on the right sounds like Ellen… Or is it just me

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