Palestinian Vegetarian Maqloubeh | Sahtein!

Hello! I know it’s been a while. Here is how I make Maqloubeh- a delicious, healthy comfort food to be shared with family and friends. Maqloubeh traditionally is …


  1. Where have you been!? We need more cooking videos!

  2. waow shookran! this looks delish i haven’t had maklobe in a while

  3. Heyy i am arabain muslim from lebanon love you and sahtein it is a yummy dish

  4. Bahot khoob

  5. Chicken broth isn't vegetarian as it comes from chickens vegetarians don't eat meat or anything that comes from the meat

  6. Thank you. Cooking it as I write this. I would love to see a basic chicken shawarma recipe for beginners.

  7. This still looks intimidating but I’ll have to give it a try!

  8. I like that u toasted the veggies instead of frying them , u made the ma2loube healthy !!
    But you didn't u toast the squash as well?

  9. ahmed alsoukni

    I love your videos, keep up the good work

  10. I would love to try this. When I went to Jordan a friend made this for me and I loved it

  11. monaxggx- blue

    Omg it looks so tasty!

  12. welcome back nadia

  13. Nadiaaa, you're back❤

  14. I was wondering if you can recommend a good quality sumac on line? I don't have any middle eastern stores in my neck of the woods.

  15. My entire life I assumed you had to have 40 years cooking experience to master the”مقلوبه" but you managed to crack the code

  16. The Immortan Joe Hill

    This looks fantastic. I always had a problem with burning the bottom. This is a lifesaver! Now i can make this for my vegetarian friends. I'd love to see more. Sahtein!

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