Palak Thalipeeth – Quick and healthy breakfast recipe | Maharashtrian recipes| Indian veg recipes

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  1. better we make palak roti or palak paratha at low flame using less oil…..this dish looks yummy indeed but has so much oil….not healthy at all…..this is nearly fried..

  2. Best Indian Cooking


  3. my kids loved it and so did I. Thank you for sharing and uploading.

  4. is this palak cooked or raw?

  5. 1:57 that hole is funny

  6. Gocha dilpreet singh bs

    2 litr oil use krdiya ,healthy kya ghnta hai isme

  7. It is fried how come it is healthy? Probably it will have the same calories as in any morning parantha

  8. Good recipe,specially liked your trick of putting oil in that little hole,but found a bit oily.

  9. I really like this recipe I will try it many blessings

  10. nice very nice recipes.

  11. this is looking yummy but not healthy

  12. Very nice superb

  13. Thanks!!

  14. looks so beautiful ……………. must try this,thanks for sharing…………

  15. Very tasty..I tried this. my kid loved it in tiffin also. Thank you

  16. So delicious recipes….i am going to try these soon x

  17. Kindred Fruit Spirit

    I'm sorry, but I would not call this healthy

  18. Hi Poonam, is there any rice floor substitute?

  19. ‫عبدالرحمن اقبال‬‎

    VERY tasty.

  20. awesome.. receipe

  21. Too good!

  22. 1. did the palak need to be prepared in any way, because it looked as if it was steamed..
    2. can you add nutrition information in the youtube description (vitamins, minerals, calories)
    3. you are saying 'quick' and 'healthy'. this looks like it will take almost 30 minutes – which is not 'quick' for breakfast. and the amount of oil you use and the fact that you are practically frying this does not look 'healthy' at all.
    4. i like the fact that there is no monologue and no pretty face, and that you are showing the preparation and the editing is tight.

  23. Nice. Very much similar to desi North Indian Palak pyaj parantha 

  24. hi poonam
    thanx for sharing can we multi grain flour in this

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