Packed Vegan Lunch Ideas for Students! (easy & cheap)

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  1. Omg, this is the first video I have watched of yours and the fact that your vegan is great!!

  2. Great now I'm hungry as hell 🙁

  3. Wait did she just say that she eats baby food…

  4. i can barely buy pastas, and in France all of this is super expensive..

  5. That sushi looked bomb tho

  6. Kala namak is simply black pepper

  7. …. /that's/ how you wash rice? O-o
    idk man I just never seen anyone do it that way before

  8. Why was there an ad advertising meat on this video i-

  9. The waffles aaaah

  10. I’m not vegan and i’m not a student but i want to make this hahah

  11. wie man jede deutsche person an ihrer englischen aussprache erkennt haha :F

  12. Suuuper easy yes

  13. baby food???? why?

  14. You should totally do some videos for people who are gluten intolerant, allergic to nuts and legumes

  15. For the spicy mayo sauce I hate spice (yes, I know, pathetic) so I add a bit of paprika to some garlic vegan mayo. Just in case anyone wanted another alternative lol

  16. Someone was talking about arable land and veganism the other day and how it’s not sustainable and it got me thinking… rooftop gardens are the way to go

  17. Vegan since August 2019 best choice I ever made in my eating habits

  18. Know Your Produce

    Love these recipes – so good. I could eat the sushi every single day!

  19. "gociigang" I love it haha. subscribed! 😀 <3

  20. Looking through this how is this even affordable? Most can barely afford ramen noodles or packet soup that’s like $1 for four

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