1. mohammad ahmad-zay

    You remmberded may old live sam i living and the velag like doing may mam……. engayed tankyou.

  2. Mahboob pyaz sra nao ao ta wata tamater wacho

  3. May Allah bless you and your lovely family, greetings from Iraq. Thanks for sharing brother.

  4. Yes choula Kahan say maly ga

  5. اسلام علیکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ. کیا ھوا اگر اس کی بیوی سامنے آہی. کیوں کے ماشاءاللہ پورے ارو اچھے لباس میں تھی….. سکاف پہنا ھوا ہے…. ماشاءاللہ سب کچھ بہت ہی اچھا ہے. غلط بات کو اگنور کریں جو آپ کو اچھا لگتا ہے وہ کریں…. آپ کی سب ویڈیو بہت ہی اجھی ہیں

  6. mashallah nice familie

  7. Azizrhaman Mohammadi

    ماشاالله ماشاالله

  8. علی پاکستانی

    اللہ پاک آپکوسلامت رکی آمین

  9. Very.very.nice

  10. Wah kia hi achh tariqa h safai b khoob hy

  11. bebek cok tatli masallahh

  12. very very dangerous she on the fire with a news paper very dagger kids in the rooms be careful crazy for a subscribed ALLAH BLESSING THE FAMILY

  13. mehboob Ali bhai app mujhey iss market ka pata battayin I will buy it at any cost

  14. Mashallah , bless your family , I really like your stove please upload stove making video because I belong to a hilly area and I have to use it please please please kayun kay hum jo lakri ka stove istammal kartey hain vo kamarray kay anndar istammal kar nay seay smoke padey hota hai laken app kamaray kay anndar kar rahay ho I am really surprised to see your stove and liked too much

  15. Sangeethagowda Sangeethagowda

    Achi family hai mujhe aapki family pasand aai

  16. Usman tariq Tariq

    So nice Bahi bht achi family hy ap ki

  17. You not surpose to put plastic in the wooden stove toxic

  18. Happy family

  19. MashaAllah bht nice video butt plz ap baby ko chulay say dur rakah kran thora ye danjrous hota h babys k liya so thats why baby so cutee

  20. Mashallah , very nice and tasty looking home made food .

  21. So lovely. Stay blessed. Nice simple cute life

  22. Kia naam hai is stove ka

  23. Masha Allah

  24. Just bump on ur video by chance..very beautiful video..u have awesome family Ma shaa Allah Tabarak Allah..Two things I want to mention..first our sister used some masala from the package or sachet..just to let u know that these packet masala are very dangerous..they are one of the cause of rapid cancer spread..Me as mom stop using them long time ago..second thing please place ur stove in the corner of the room instead in the middle..cause the little ones are very close to the hot stove..stay blessed ♥♥♥

  25. Mjh boht shok ha asa gao me Jana ka

  26. Nice mjh bi la chlo ankl asa gao

  27. Masha Allah ju

  28. May you live long and happy life among your family and friends Ameen Sum Ameen.

  29. Love it …. Jst love your vedios …

  30. nice touch

  31. nice videos thank you brother.

  32. Great Video


  34. Cooking inside the room with a new born isn't safe at all.plz avoid these mistakes

  35. I'm new subscriber from Pakistan

  36. Nathalie masala

  37. Mashalah brother you have a beautiful family may Allah bless you and your family
    Thank you this video

  38. Wood stove in carpet room?R U IN SENSE?

  39. Beautiful kids MA

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