Our BRIGHT LINE EATING Meal Prep! | Crazy Weight Loss (w/Recipes!)

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  1. Omg this was awesome I’m completely on the other end of this type of eating only at the planning /trying to get started stage. I’m definitely going to make the soup! I have been doing WW for years and have not lost weight. I know for me it’s the sugar flour thing.

  2. Small amount of baking soda stops the gas on tummy, too.

  3. Great video this is fantastic! One question – what does John eat for his lunches and dinners? Also, oil is a processed food best to eat the "whole plant" for your fat source rather than the oil. Seeds are super important for the high quality fats as well as nuts and avocados. Dr F now recommends to lightly cook mushrooms don't eat them raw.

  4. What source did you use to determine how much of what food you need to eat?

  5. You need an Insta Pot for your dog food cooking

  6. Elaine's Terriers

    Continue cat on counter. It's the cat's home and controlling a cat is futile. These comments are disrespectful; they act as if the cat is an ingredient or something!
    If we knew about all the disgusting things we consume at fast food and other restaurants we would WELCOME a nice clean cat hair casserole!
    Disclaimer for cataphobes: you may place your personal pet preference in proper position.

  7. Thanks for your video, it's very interesting to follow your diet. One thing I'm wondering though and I'd be interested in your opinion. When you are cooking legumes, tomatoes and such veggies, doesn't that break the cellular structure of the plants the same way when juicing or pureeing them? When eating raw or unprocessed vegetables the starches are contained with cellulose (which we can't digest). Boiling probably ruptures most cell walls and releases starches for much quicker digestion.

    I'm studying Bright Line Eating and will probably start soon. One of our morning staples is oat meal, and I'm wondering would it be better to just soak the oats in cold water for a little while – or even eat as is with yoghurt, or simmer them to a porridge. This is essentially the same question whether to boil veggies, or to try to consume them as raw as possible.

  8. Actually, dogs are omnivores. They can survive on either just plants or plants with animals. The longest living dog was vegan. It was 27 years old!

  9. Watchman Onthewall

    The anti-oil rhetoric is not supported by real science. Polyunsaturated oils are actually unhealthy, like canola, sunflower, safflower, etc. But extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil ARE healthy. In excess, anything will cause weight gain. Also, grains cause many problems for many people. A higher fat, lower carb diet, even if all plant based, is quite healthy for most people.

  10. Super important to cook your Mushrooms! All looks lovely thanks for sharing.

  11. Great video. Just wondering if you could share what your average weekly/monthly grocery bill looks like eating this way (organics, etc) for the two of you (and dog included). Would be so helpful. Thank you!

  12. I do admire your choice of foods however you could be more careful of buying foods with excessive plastic packaging especially plastic wrap which has Zeno oestrogens. Not nice for our health ! Cheers love your blog!

  13. I was curious as to if your food still tasted good after 3 days. Does your food go bad by day seven? Great video and thanks for being candid and honest.

  14. It makes me laugh that you are vegan but your dogs are not.

  15. You mentioned giving Turkey to your dogs but that you are also cooking for them now too❤ If you're doing store-bought kibble our dogs love Vdog and Halos vegan dog food. Our two dogs ate that for 7 years supplemented with fresh fruit and veggies. In the past year I've started doing more home cooking for the doggies after reading Dr. Pitcairn's Complete guide to Natural Health for dogs and cats. In his Fourth edition of this book this highly respected vet with 40 years of clinical experience goes into great detail on the best way to feed our animals for Optimal Health. I give our dogs 30% protein ( beans, lentils, tofu), 30% whole grain (quinoa, oats, millet) , (30% fruits and veggies) and the last 10% healthy treats like Costco 's peanut butter organic treats or homemade healthy treats high in protein.

    We did exhaustive research before switching our dogs to a vegan diet. We were so encouraged reading all the nutritional veg dog studies being done on the NIH website, plus learning about Bramble that 25 year old Guinness Book of World Record dog Etc. There are a lot of veterinarians now recommending this diet. I know we all want the best for our pups. Thanks for doing this great video on how to do a WFPB diet. It is terrific…. as some other comments suggested….we also don't use oil and don't miss it….it took a few weeks to get used to not having….but I prefer things now without oil. I will be forwarding this video to friends. Great job!

  16. I don't know if anyone else mentioned this in the comments, but at 5:52 some of those squeezy seasoning tubes have dairy in them. I believe the ginger that you got is their only vegan flavor, all of the others have some sort of milk derivative. Sneaky, sneaky!

  17. Very informative. Thank you so much!!!

  18. Hahahaha You two are the cutest! New Sub here 🙂 John was so funny lol

  19. Thank you so much for sharing! What an inspiration! Could you please share what you have for breakfast? That is my most challenging meal of the day and if I start out hungry I feel that way the whole day.

  20. I pick my fruit the same way John does. If its mushy, it's a no from me!

  21. Hi – really helpful till the cat arrived. It is so unhygienic to have a cat on work surfaces particularly when you have food there!

  22. Thanks for your very detailed video! Have you computed your calories and macros for each day? I'm curious what they'd be. Thanks.

  23. nice! btw, dogs can definitely thrive on vegan food, too.

  24. Get the cat off the food prep service area. The cats butt is sitting in the counter. GROSS!!!

  25. Two questions. One how do you get the salad out of the jar and does the fruit rot after 6 days. Two. Don’t you get tired of eating the same food all week?

  26. I grew up in a household where the washing of your hands was done so often that it almost seemed painful. Cats around the food…. nope….that would never happen. I have long hair, but just this past Thanksgiving at 47 years old, I was run out of the kitchen until I had it securely pinned up. It is extreme and I don't think I am nearly as rigid in my home, but I am watching your video and thinking this is why my parents will not eat food prepared in anyone else's home.

  27. Awesome videos. I came to know about BLE just last night from a WPBF Facebook group where I saw your post and have been watching your videos for the past couple of hours. Kudos on your weight loss and thank you very much for all these inspiring videos. My question is does the quantity of the food change depending upon the weight of the individual? Does it keep changing as one loses weight over a period of time? Is this addressed in the book? Thanks in advance.

  28. He is soooo funny!!!! Great video!

  29. He is soooo funny!!!! Great video!

  30. He is soooo funny!!!! Great video!

  31. He's funny as hell!!!! Lol! Thanks for the inspiration! This video was very helpful!

  32. He's funny as hell!!!! Lol! Thanks for the inspiration! This video was very helpful!

  33. He's funny as hell!!!! Lol! Thanks for the inspiration! This video was very helpful!

  34. He's funny as hell!!!! Lol! Thanks for the inspiration! This video was very helpful!

  35. Congratulations on your weight loss!!! I was delighted to find out that it was achieved by following a whole foods plant based diet instead of something like the keto diet which I have a family member trying to convince me to do. I'd like to echo ArtsyCat below on the oil. My husband and I were following the Eat to Live program in our mid-40s and had added coconut oil to our diet as well. He lost no weight. I lost 40 pounds and then plateaued. He developed severe heart disease while on Eat to Live and ended up with two stents in his heart. Fortunately, I had discovered the works of Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. who is a colleague and friend of Dr. Campbell, and I had been following his low-fat plant based diet, but my husband had stayed with Eat to Live up until the time he got sick. When he was in the hospital, I e-mailed Dr. Esselstyn who wrote Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and he called and talked to my husband personally. He said that the arteries obtain damage by the oils that make them like velcro and although the coconut oil may be of a different type of lipid chain as other saturated fats, it sticks to the arteries. He advised a low fat plant based diet for my husband and within two years he was off of all of his statins, had lost 75 pounds, and now six years later his heart disease is completely reversed and he is medication free and has maintained his weight loss. I lost 40 pounds from the same diet, but gained 20 back from eating those white powders you speak of, but have maintained my weight for six years. Thanks to you, I'm going to stop grinding my oat flour (I'm celiac so I don't eat wheat flour), and go totally whole foods (but low fat) and see if I can re-lose those 20 pounds. Thanks for sharing your tidbits. They helped me, and hopefully, my tidbit will make it so you don't have to weigh your food anymore because I"m pretty certain it's the oils that are giving you the hard time. Read Dr. Esselstyn's book. It is very science based, and check out heartattackproof.com, and also look up Chef AJ. She has maintained her 50 pound weight loss for six years and eats a ton of food without weighing or measuring.

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