OUR BIG NEWS! Life Update & Vegetarian Food Diary!

Time share our little secret with you guys! My book is available NOW! You can order it on amazon for only £5.99: http://amzn.to/2pDR4or Do you want to talk …


  1. Aimee Louise Fit

    Congrats Zanna! How exciting! Is Ant vegetarian too?

  2. I'm Only Here For VIRGIL Van Dijk Can He Come To Liverpool Thanks

  3. what tan do you use?

  4. CONGRATS Zanna – and Ant! Just wondering, what was the name of the cafe you had brunch at??

  5. Best vlog ever! Seeing others so happy really is the best. So lovely and heartwarming to see ☺️ Here's to the next chapter xx

  6. Squats and Salads

    congrats!!! did you buy it or renting? 🙂 btw I JUST LOVE YOUUUU

  7. Awwwww! I'm so happy for you! And Earlsfield is great! we are neighbors now 😉

  8. This is such an exciting time in your life right now. Enjoy it! I was so so happy when I moved in with my now husband. You'll be riding that happiness wave for a while. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Ha Zanna! As I commented many times before, I love your positivity and energy. Congratulations on the big news!

    I wanted to ask you a question about Adidas compression leggings. I saw a video of Karlie and she says it is one of the key things she packs when travelling. As a fellow Adidas ambassador, I wanted to ask you: why and what is the effect of these leggings? (I understand while training it supports your muscles, but while travelling?). I am starting new meds and my doctor advised me to wear compression socks but never mentioned leggings. Very interested in this!!

  10. Philippa Warford

    you showing us the inside the inside of your fridge just reminded me of the HUMUNGOUS nut butter collection you'd have had to have to shipped! or did you have a jar a day to get rid of them? 😉

  11. I absolutely admire you Zanna for your positvity, power and motivation. You're one of the youtubers, who show their real face, you seem to be so down to earth and still enjoying life to the fullest. Now moving in with Ant the smile on your face makes me smile as well, you look so happy! I hope he's the man you'll always wake up next to. Greetings from Switzerland xx

  12. KamaraFitnessLife

    Aw this video made me so happy 😀 Congrats again woo!

  13. Botanica & Bumble

    Congrats guys! ❤ life goal accomplished!

  14. lizziecharlotte

    I have 5 different bins for recycling (and bags for plastic bottles), so everyone who comes to stay at our apartment gets a little lecture on recycling 😀 My sis was the last one staying and she absolutely hated it at first, but I think she got used to it in the end so yay for me 😀

  15. Wooooop WOOP delighted for youuuu two

  16. yay! so happy for you both x

  17. Love your videos Zanna! Just wondering, are the weights you use in kg or pounds? What is the standard in london?

  18. so happy for you two, wish you all the best 😀

  19. Aww congratulations guys, you look so happy together. Now the fun begins! Love your videos!

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