Organic & Vegetarian ALL YOU CAN EAT for only $4.50 in Seoul, South Korea || Yes, really.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In this video I will be see you guys a sweet spot in Seoul that offers an ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet that is Organic, Locally farmed, AND …


  1. swetha lingampalli

    You seem like such an amazing person, I hope you become super successful soon! You definitely deserve it 🙂

  2. Don't know if you'll see this but anyway : I know two other cheap eating places in Hongdae 1st one was on the 1st Street on your left when you get out of Exit 9 ( past the burger king ) a 떡볶이 etc place super cheap and super yummy! the 2nd one was a super small 만두 place right in those little streets along the last Street you showed, super small maybe 2 or 3 tables max 10 ppl in the restaurant but damn was the food good ( and my memories too!) and is the All you can eat Korean barbecue place still there? if I still remember it was in the building on your right out of exit 9, above a shoes store I think xD anyways I'll definitely try it this summer too! 비빔밥 is life _

  3. Eva Lise Højen Jensen

    seriously… are all asian guys all crazy to get children? (asian people in general) :0
    most guys i know are like "kids.. i dont know.. maybe.." or straight "kids? no thanks" is it a cultural thing maybe?

  4. I'm going to Korea in June, as a broke student this is so helpful! Just wondering, is there a difference in the colours on the ticket machine? Or is just different languages?

  5. are the kimchi and sauce vegetarian?

  6. Woojong looks like a police officer in this

  7. does anybody know the titles of the songs?

  8. the food looked sooooo good omg. 5:03 got me in my feels bit lol I absolutely love your focus and determination

  9. Hi Woojong! I'm planning to go to Korea this coming Autumn. I would love to go see historical sites in Seoul if there are any haha. Any suggestions? Thank you! 🙂

  10. That looks so good!!!

  11. I feel like the day I will finally be in Seoul I will be like: "Oh I know where we are – WooJong came here." or even "This is the restaurant he did this and that." Thanks for this video, I really appreciate to know about vegetarian friendly places in Seoul

  12. you are such an admirable person and honestly, the type of person i aspire to be like. i hope you succeed and get everything you dream of! you definitely deserve it. <3

  13. evelina stoimenova

    Been loving your vlogs lately. I enjoy that you are actually changing things up while keeping it real. Thanks oppa, hope you had a great day ❤

  14. WOOJONG! I guarantee that you will be the best father for your children. I am so happy to see your videos that inspire many others, you're living life in a way that changes and molds your perspective. We, your subscribers are grateful for you and enjoy seeing you achieve greatness. Thank you for being such an inspiration and thank you for being sexy. Looks aren't everything but when ya got a face like yours and a personality made of love, we all swoon. (;

  15. Love this, thanks for taking us with you 😀

  16. Whats the music? 😮
    You just gave me the appetite Woo.. x)


    Woojong is perfect daddy material at 5:01 ……. Perfect FATHER material is what i mean cough

  18. Great video Woojong….love……have a great day…blessings

  19. thank you for these videos. I'm moving to Seoul in a few months and I'll have to be hella frugal ㅠㅠ these help so much!

  20. Woojong… we are going to have a serious talk about you making me hungry all the damn time! XD While I love the food videos (seriously who doesn't love food?!) I really liked the cafe one too, so maybe a video with suggestions of some must see places that locals might know of that tourists probably won't find? Just a thought ^.^ Side note: I am positive that the future woobabies will be very proud, because we all are! As always praying for nothing but good things your way and thank you for the awesome video! (even if it made me hungry XD)


    why do I always decide to watch these videos when I'm hungry??…… idek my lifeu anymore Q_Q

  22. The food looks so good! You are a great person. It's been great watching all your videos. 🙂

  23. hi i wish u will read thats. im a new here and i just love your videos ♥♥♥♥ .surprisingly we have the same thoughts about struggling to live our dreams. Mr funny i hope you are living it or you will.and would you please do video about other cheap vegan food in korea because i'm muslim and i don't eat anything made with pork. halal food restaurant are not cheap so please Mr funny would you do that video so i can make my dream true.
    and thank you so much .

  24. He is such a ray of sunshine I love it.. If that makes sense haha.

  25. This video was really cool! Any tips would be cool to learn! Thanks!

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