One Week Lunch Box/Indian Vegetarian/Husband’s Lunch Box

Hey Everyone,Today I am sharing Whats in my Husband’s Lunch Box for a week.If you like this kind of video please give a big thumbs up so that i can know and …


  1. Aap sub night may prepare karta to video kaku delta Aap kousabi receipt Sahi Nahi baathrai

  2. Idli full recipe plz

  3. Aap bahot healthy khana pakate ho.

  4. Can you show us how u made idlis. From dough to how it's made. And pls show the idli pan u used mention whr did you get the idli pot

  5. Your husband is one lucky man! Hope he knows that. Love from the UK x

  6. What a lucky husband

  7. Aditi Naresh tanwar

    video to acchi h pr aapke bolne ka style bilkul b accha ni h bich me hi maine pause krdi video…

  8. Thank u mam this is really helpful.

  9. so amazing.very ncc

  10. U are not showing it properly

  11. Very nice .. wishing myself to do like dis … but cant ..

  12. Hi, I am also from Orissa I love your videos.

  13. U r good wife bez husband Kay leyay etanay testy _2 lunch banati hai

  14. Good wife

  15. Think you r making same content as saloni sirivastav btw good

  16. Karuna Waghachaure

    Aap non – veg nhi banati. Reply me

  17. Wow your quinoa curd recipe looks yum

  18. ravindra dixit i love this song

    Di ap kaha rahte ho

  19. Please show ur kitchen tour

  20. Eiji nahi Easy bolo

  21. Your voice is so cute…❤️ From Bangladesh.

  22. What is quinova ??

  23. Aapki baat krne ki style bhot acchi h

  24. Mam aap plz is video main job Manchurian banaya hai uska ek video banao

  25. Mam aap plz is video main job Manchurian banaya hai uska ek video banao

  26. Which lunch box u used? I am ur new subscriber..plz tell me…

  27. Prasanna J.Swarnkar

    super recipes …me jarur try krugi ….,,

  28. Í like

  29. Jammula Pushkarini

    M also from Orissa,ur way of description is very simple and good

  30. nice mam

  31. Rameshchandra Behera

    what do you mean by kinova

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