One-Pot Vegetarian Meals

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  1. Villainous foreigner

    Love from mars.

  2. Guys I have a question. I can't find parmesan without rennet. Do you know if vegetarian parmesan exist ? Like with microbacterial rennet ?

  3. If you're allergic to coconut what would be the best substitute for the coconut milk?

  4. Cheese? Seriously?

  5. Amazing recipes good music!

  6. "Enchilada Rice"? Really? facepalm

  7. Ok u used one pot and a whole bunch of unnecessary bowls

  8. Cheese isn’t vegetarian. It contains rennet.

  9. Ooo, can't wait to try em out myself 😀

  10. Everytime you break your pasta THAT way, an Italian heart breaks too… PLEASE STOP IT

  11. I just need to make one to 20:00 5 hours later

  12. WHY DOES EVERY VEGETARIAN/VEGAN RECIPE HAVE GODDAMN BEANS?! I try to be nice in the comments, but damn. I just wanna fucking eat a little healthier, but I detest beans bc their texture is anathema to me and NONE OF THESE HELP ME.

  13. chinitonamoreno

    2nd recipe, it's vegan but there's an egg.

  14. Hermione Granger

    yay! i love vegetarian food rn ^^

  15. Smruthi Balasubramanian

    Egg is not vegetarian!! But thanks for the ideas

  16. Franchesca Pierre

    has anyone tried the bean meatballs and are they yummy

  17. Do you ever see us making Jackfruit using Pulled Pork, or Steak to make mushrooms? Live your life the way you chose to, don't try to sub meat, I've tried it all and they all suck

  18. Yay a vegetarian vid. Excited!

  19. ”Swedish meat balls” its not even meat m8

  20. 3:06 the wording is weird

  21. Please do zucchini bread!!! I’ve yet to find a recipe that I like

  22. One pot is all it takes
    Fallin in love with it
    For a new meal idea

  23. Rachel Hildebrand

    TASTY CHALLENGE – make a vegetarian chicken wing with the crispy crust

  24. shruthi lakshmanan

    You could've added Indian recipes which has abondance flavour without cheese, cream or fatty ingredients.

  25. Thy Ngọc Khánh Nguyễn

    Well the enchilada rice has an egg on top , is it VEGAN tasty

  26. Erika Cole Soul Kitchen

    I’m not vegan but the thumbnail brought me here

  27. מקבל נסר אלדין

    How to make a halepeno ice cream

  28. Masklion LIONS UNITE!

    Title says vegetarian and I see egg and cheese….

  29. Eggs are not vegan friendly

  30. hemamalini jayakumar

    after watching the recipe of the first dish
    me: CALL PEWDIEPIE!!!!!

  31. eats a cheeseburger

  32. There’s no such thing as vegetarian Parmesan. There’s vegetarian Parmesan-style hard cheese, but for something to be called Parmesan, it has to contain calf rennet.

  33. FinalFantasyDeviants

    I mean, if you like throwing up….

  34. Vegan just don't eat eggs ! Meh !! :/

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