ONE POT VEGAN DINNERS | 3 easy & healthy recipes

We’re making healthy vegan dinner recipes in today’s video! And these healthy recipes all use just ONE POT! We’re making a delicious quinoa recipe, a vegan pasta recipe and a simple ginger…


  1. I like making kale pesto it's soooooo yummy I add bacon bites (vegan of course)

  2. A Botanical Path

    Yummy! Can’t wait to make these ♥️

  3. Sybil Shelton-Ford

    Do you think instead of oil in the pesto that a plant based milk, like soy, would work to make it more creamy?

  4. U had me at “1” pot…….;—)

  5. What's a good pasta alternative? I'm not supposed to eat a lot of carbs anymore.

  6. Yeah, I dig ya. Heart to heart, you're golden.

  7. (StyleME) StyleBitsnBobs

    I have to try these one pot recipes 🙂

  8. Instead of olives in the first quinoa recipe what can I use??

  9. Please do not support the use of animal flesh as valid sources of protein. 🙁
    I have always enjoyed your videos, but was very sad to hear you say that.

  10. TheDailyCupcake



  11. Love your channel! Quick question, when you add sun dried tomatoes, do you add the dried ones or the ones in oil? Thanks!

  12. Krystina Margherita

    That pasta recipe…DEFINITELY going to make it. It looks amazingly good.

  13. The ginger stir is calling my name, but all of these recipes look AMAZING! Thank you for providing such easy recipes. One pot meals are my go-to!

  14. Evolution of Masha

    I have yet to make my own vegan pesto sauce…..but that spring pasta definitely convinced me to try. I love the addition of the artichokes. I know that definitely amps up the flavor.

  15. Mm these look delicious

  16. U r the best

  17. Sajani Mathews-Perez

    I love these easy one pot recipes, looks so yummy! Nice background music, sounds Arabic.

  18. All of them look fantastic.

  19. Lindsey McLaughlin

    Yum 🙂

  20. great recipes! Have a blessed day!

  21. Love these ideas. Will the first recipe still be as yummy without red pepper? Idk if kids will do that. How do you get that much basil without spending a fortune? Oh, the third recipe. I may try pickled ginger with that and coconut amino. You are ever inspiring and have become my go to. What a blessing you are.

  22. This is exactly the video I needed right now! Thank you 🙂

  23. emm so delicious and inspiring. for the pesto, instead of adding olive oil, is it possible to add tahini instead or some kind of nuts such as cashew or almonds. Thanks a million love you vids always

  24. Thanks so much for all the effort you put into these videos. They are so helpful!

  25. That pesto looks bomb!!!

    Also I found that my grocery store was having a hard time keeping basil stocked over the summer so I found a store bought kind that subbed in a bit of parsley and so I did that for mine and not only does it taste really really fresh as delicious but it ended up being a lot cheaper that way too!

  26. What food processor brand is that your using ?

  27. In your written instructions you say to rinse the pasta and vegetables after draining, but you don’t mention that in the video. I read the written recipe before watching and I was thinking that I wouldn’t rinse the pasta.

  28. I luv the 1 pot dishes. I been doing them alot lately.

  29. Great ideas!

  30. 2:38
    Yummie! grabs a plate
    Thank you! :3 leaves a happy like

  31. Jasmine Herritt

    Wow!! These all look so tasty. I'm definitely going to try these recipes this week. Thank you 🙂

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