One Pan Roasted Chicken + Veggie Recipe | Easy + Healthy

This One Pan Roasted Chicken + Veggie Dinner comes together in just 30 minutes. SUBSCRIBE: PRINT RECIPE HERE: …


  1. looks yum, healthy & quick can't wait to TRY! THANKS!!!!! Already 4wd'd to friends ♡

  2. Weird question but your jeans look great. Where are they from? And what are they called ( the style)

  3. spoonb16acrx2003

    I love one pot meals, keep it coming!

  4. amazing recipe

  5. Long time viewer. .. jeez, how do you keep looking younger and cuter all the time.

  6. Was that 425 farenhit for the oven, or Celsius. I'm from down under so……. I'm kinda not sure???

  7. This looked so easy and delicious – we love one pan dishes!!

  8. Having this right now for dinner. Came out perfect & tastes great!!!

  9. Newman Family Vlogs

    We are big on one pan meals! This looks delicious!!

  10. That looks so good! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for posting!

  11. yummy . thank u ♡

  12. I made this tonight and I absolutely love it!

  13. Camille Myrick-Stuart

    DANI!!! Would you mind doing a veggie burger recipe??? You'd be my fav forever!!

  14. Ree Drummond did this on the food network this past weekend. However, she didn't have holes in her pants. Get some blue jean knee duct tape next time at the clothing store. Thx

  15. I Make this all the time but add Fresh Carrots and sometimes Peas.

  16. Dani, I love these short and very helpful recipe videos ! As a student, I have probably made 75% of all your videos and these ones are so helpful 🙂 Love your channel, as always xx

  17. This is one of my favourite go-to meals, especially since I can substitute whatever roasting veggies I have in my fridge at the moment. Also love the minimal cleanup and prep time 🙂

  18. Hi Dani, can I store the remaining cooked food in an airtight container for 2-3 days? I liked this recipe and thought of making them like a meals prep.

  19. Krittie In the City

    This looks amazing. Simple, clean and quick. I love one-pot dishes! Will try something like this, this week!

  20. yay, trying this this week!!

  21. i love your videos theyre so easy and inspiring. maybe make halloumi recipes pls?

  22. I'll be sure to try this!

  23. And, if you don't have enough chicken to go round, slice the chicken, portion it out on top of a simple salad, veggies on the side, add a signature Danigrette!

  24. I gave up aluminum foil and use parchment paper due to studies of aluminum.
    What do you think? Have you given it thought?

  25. Whenever I put chicken with paprika on my oven it smokes and burns so bad. What's going wrong?

  26. yummy!!!

  27. I've done something similar to that using center cut pork chops… it was delicious

  28. Can't wait to do this!

  29. Hi Dani , love this recipe. so quick and simple is what i like. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Clean & Delicious

    This is one of my favorite quick and easy weeknight meals!! It comes together in a flash and the whole family loves it. xo- Dani

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