One-Pan Chicken And Veggie Meal Prep 2 Ways

Woah! So easy and tasty! Summer bod, here I come! Here is what you’ll need! One-Pan Chicken And Veggie Meal Prep 2 Ways Servings: 4 INGREDIENTS 1 …


  1. Where has that chicken been? The desert? It's so dry

  2. this fucking dry ass chicken

  3. that chicken looks dry af and zero flavour

  4. Ultimate Death


  5. So we're all just gonna starve on Friday lmao

  6. cook at 350 and the chicken wouldn't be so dry.

  7. I wrap the chicken in foil and leave a little vent at the top so it stop it going enjoy my
    Darlings .

  8. JessicaWasHere XD

    Jumin Han is gay….

  9. flowersbytheroad

    also probably dont microwave the little sauce container inside the tupperware?

  10. Mes Voyages à la Cuisine

    Looks very healthy!

  11. assasinscreed45

    Chicken is so dry…

  12. stardropSylveon

    So.. no seasoning? Blandest chicken ever

  13. The 'merican way. Only bone dry chicken breast. Are you even aware of the fact that there are other cuts from the chicken?

  14. Je crois que si tu veux te débarrasser de quelqu'un qui t'insupporte, tu lui offres une part de ce poulet cuisiner par tasty !
    Obligé il s'étouffe ! Hop débarrassé des 2 d'un coup PTDR

  15. That chicken is dryer than my dead great-grandma's vagina

  16. That chicken looked VERY sad!

  17. chicken is dry as fuck

  18. Pass…shit is dry!!

  19. So I guess the comment section is for bitchin' and complainin' lol

  20. Mmmm yummy dry chicken

  21. this doesnt seem right cause the veggies cook faster than the chicken does .it all get done at different times. and plus i dont want mush veggies and the chicken does take longer to cook cause it meat .i dont know maybe i am over thinking this

  22. Cassieosaurus _

    More healthy recipes, please!

  23. Y'all can be making fancy ass cheesecakes but still don't know how to cook chicken!

  24. Yunus 日本人 じゃない ._.

    Am I the only one who finds this delicious??

  25. NO SEASONING!!!!!?????

  26. that chicken is like styrofoam

  27. Benjamin Turnquest

    that dry ass chicken tho

  28. I make pee pee in the morning time.

  29. Is that chicken or chalk?

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