1. I loved the format. The recipes looks good, and you and Derrick are definitey cute. :)

  2. I love this! I'm always on the search for quick, simple (short ingredient list) meals.

  3. love your recipes but I'm some of the instant mashed potatoes that are sold in stores you have to be careful to read the ingredients because they do put butter or sometimes milk so just be sure you read the ingredients the ones that you had they do not do that they are vegan approved love the recipe thank you

  4. loving the quick and easy take and go recipe ideas – thanks! <3

  5. Normal ist relativ


  6. thegoodsideoflife hclfvegan

    The two of you are too cute!!

  7. you are so cute :3

  8. this is one of my favorite videos you'd made hannah(: I'm happy you included the taste testing!!

  9. I Have dried mashed potatoes but I wasnt sure if these are good for you or not.

  10. These are great ideas! Esp. instant mash and parfait. Thanx!

  11. relationship goals ❤

  12. Are their any mason jar meals you could make with lentils for on the go?

  13. Where did you get your shirt?

  14. You 2 are so cute together, I hope you are alway this happy….

  15. Please can you rename the "Mexican potatoes" to texmex potatoes? It just really irks me when (white) people try to call texmex type stuff Mexican when it clearly isn't. :/ it's not the biggest deal tbh but it still kinda gets on my nerves…

  16. For me, I feel like the only one who doesn't like the taste of avocado so I kinda feel jealous of people who do like to eat it.

  17. I cook my oatmeal the night before (oats, crushed almonds + hazelnuts, chia seeds, almond milk, orange juice sometimes, cinnamon, cocoa powder, whatever spices) I take it on the go in the morning and add an apple or a banana or any fresh fruit I have. It taste really good cold. Don't be scared by the look of it :).

  18. This would be perfect for my mom! She just went mostly vegetarian but I'm about to move back in with her and help her with her meals, so thanks for the ideas! :)

  19. Yumm!

  20. I have been absolutely loving all the new vidoes!

  21. I use instant mashed potatoes for thickening soups and stews. =^..^=

  22. Amazing beautiful quality and delicious recipes

  23. Great ideas HCH! Love the potato idea

  24. Have to try that Mexican potato one. I have all the stuff to make.

  25. AestheticallyModified

    I'm going to try the "Mexican style" mashed potatoes !

  26. You should do this but also for lunch and dinner! I'm always in a rush and it's much easier to prepare the food before hand and just grab it. You should also do a whole what I eat in a week :). Great video!

  27. Are instant mashed potatoes healthy?

  28. I'd love to see a video on your favorite food combos. Any weird combinations?

  29. Dude Derick yes those McD's fruit and yogurt parfaits were amazing! alas, dairy.

  30. I never would have thought doing instant mashed potatoes in a jar!!! I'm doing it!

  31. Hi hannah, i just find out how to comment few days ago. i m come from hk. i want to say your vedios are so inspire and fun and make me happy mood everytime i watched you guys. Thank you very much. You are my favourite youtuber. (^_^). Cheers mimixx

  32. Practical Vegan Kelly

    More in the 3 cup rice cooker!

  33. Anytime someone says really good I can't help but think of Miranda sings lol!

  34. Could you try make a pizza crust from instant potato?

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