THE PUMPKIN MUG CAKE IS MY FAV OPEN FOR RECIPES Pumpkin Mug Cake: 1/2 c flour 3 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp pumpkin 2 tbsp earth balance soft 1 tsp vanilla …


  1. so stoked to see more recipes from you, will definitely try these out! your hair is so awesome, could you do a video on it? o: I've been trying to get grey hair for ages and it's so hard to do ;-; I've been having trouble finding vegan dyes that are in any way decent, what did you use?

  2. Finallly you are back!! Been waiting for this day!!!

  3. Love you and your vids girl!!

  4. YAAAAAAS (to the video) but also YOUR HAIR OMG LOVING IT

  5. So happy you uploaded! Your recipes are always so tasty and so easy! (broke college student over here) lol! Questions, where do you get that pump-able vanilla! I need!

  6. You have the best recipes!

  7. great video 🙂 I'm concerned about the raw flour though it didn't get much liquid so did it cook?

  8. So happy for another video!!! I need to make some birches muesli as soon as my flu is gone!!

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