Oil Free & High Protein Veg Sandwich Recipe – Healthy Sandwich For Weight Loss – Chana/Chickpea

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  1. Nice mam

  2. Dorothy Gowtham

    Awesome…Thank you

  3. Thank you maam…It's super delicious n filling too,made it today…Just want to kNow how to store d chickpea spread ,as it will be made in lil more quantity not only for one or two sandwich…N for how long it can be stored.thankyou

  4. Actually brown bread is not as healthy as it is boasted for

  5. Mam please open Kannada channel l don't no English

  6. Melissa Zwanger

    Hi Nisa, I posted a question in the comments of your almond butter video and haven’t received a reply. Would you take a look please? Thanks!

  7. Darshita Pathak

    Bread increase weight ? Trurth please

  8. How do you roast peanut for peanut butter ? Which method is best ? Please tell

  9. Sooo goooooood

  10. Really nice recipe will definitely try.. please share more morning breakfast recipes for weight loss like you share this..thanks a ton..

  11. Very nyc

  12. Wow this looks healthy and delicious at the same time. Thank you

  13. Mam how To do brown bread athu home

  14. Sachidanandam Dayalan

    How to reduce breast

  15. Super good

  16. Put Dosha in the sandwich

  17. Divya Dayalanqeq

    Recipe too gud I need to kw Per serving how much calories

  18. hi i want to know how many calories present in this protein rich sandwich plzzzzz

  19. Poveaneswary AS Rajentren

    Hi mam I am frm Malaysia is it good to wear every day… Thank u

  20. Ur all dishes sooppr maam

  21. delicious and healthy recipe as always .. thank you so much

  22. Your email pls

  23. Your each and every recipie is loaded with vitamins minerals and antioxidants …….as well as delicious to eat …..i am always in wait for your recipies to try ….thankyou soo much for this one

  24. anita Kosambiya

    Tomorrow morning sure.

  25. Can i take kala chana

  26. Great.

  27. Hi
    Nisha Ji…I always like your recipes…..as they r healthy ,but this I need to ask one this that you added aamchoor p.,lemon and curd altogether…. In raw dressing…. Isn't it harmful

  28. Sadhana Sahasrabuddhe

    I have started pre preparation for this. Thanks Nisha ji.

  29. It looks so amazing and yummy. I will definitely try this.

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