NYC Vegetarian food fest 2017

We had so much fun at NYC vegetarian food fest. Check out our pre-launch/special episode and meet some of the vendors. Link and more info on #VforVeganism #v for veganism…


  1. nom nom time. Stay green mofos

  2. Justine S. Harrison

    "there's arguably as much, if not more cruelty in a glass of milk than there is an 8 oz steak." <3

  3. Stumble-through Productions

    Nice! Gotta buy this veggie cookbook!!

  4. Quite good indeed!

  5. "Broken At Love" by USC Grad/Actress Karolina Sivas

    THIS IS SO WELL DONE. The time of this episode flew by. And now I'm googling these people and companies.

  6. Great job ladies!

  7. Such a fun day!! Met so many amazing people doing amazing things for the vegan movement!

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