NYC Vegan Food Tour Challenge!

Went out to try and find the best Vegan restaurants in New York City Follow me on Instagram Also check my Twitter …


  1. how the heck do ur videos keep getting better and better!!? :0

  2. Vegan Vocalist

    That food looked amazing, especially the last one. What was the price of your last chinese dish ?

  3. Carla Charlton

    You're in my neighborhood. I've been to all those restaurants. Excellent Video!

  4. The Carrion Show

    THE V SPOT i love this place , its my favorite vegan Rest in NYC, their food is acually colombian food, amazing spot!!

  5. Thank you so much for this video! I’m traveling to NYC for the very first time for a sports competition and staying in Manhattan. My sister and I have been vegan for a year, so I can’t wait to try out these places!!!

  6. La Bamba 100% mexican

  7. Good ole General "Chow"

  8. outlinegorilla design

    going to a vegan restaurante with a Canada Goose jacket …. 🙁

  9. Dude! Vegan General Tso's Chicken! I'm not vegan, but there is a tiny restaurant in Midtown St. Louis called Blk Mkt Eats. Home of burrito-size sushi rolls. They have a vegan roll called the Holy Shiitake sushi roll. Being a mushroom fan, I had to get it on my first visit. It's become my go-to roll there. So fresh, healthy, and delicious! I find myself craving it. If you're ever in St. Louis you've got to check it out. Midtown St. Louis, one block from Ikea, and across the road from St. Louis University. So good!

  10. Fruit Adventure Boris

    cool! do more vegan tours and encourage bobby to as well 🙂

  11. yo chipotle is great for a vegan wdym go sofritas

  12. I wish I can learn how to make videos interesting like this

  13. Sarah & Spices

    What camera do you use? The sound quality is 10/10!

  14. Music at 1:00 anyone?

  15. JellyBellyMystic

    Would love to hear how the food tastes, but other than that, thank you.

  16. I looooove the mac and cheese at red bamboo

  17. Loved it! x

  18. great video but just so you know v spot is colombian food. not mexican

  19. Taylor-Rae Marshall

    You're so lucky!! I wish I lived in NYC, I'm vegan and from the south and we have zero vegan restaurants in my city :((

  20. You should totally do more of these food tour videos.

  21. London is the best place for being vegan. Living in London for 7 years and have been vegan for 5. I can always find a nice cheap vegan place to chill with family and friends.

  22. Matthew Miranda

    Thumbs up for wedding dance moves

  23. Nice seeing food that is vegan and not chinese …. or well asian. ( new options ! )

  24. JOSSH B. Loris

    I love your semi-convinced expression at 7:56 and then the steam fade right after.

  25. Love love love!!!!

  26. Yay! We love Kelsey's videos and found you through her. All the food looks great!

  27. There's not really a word for vegan in Spanish, I usually just say "vegano".

  28. Hehe I know this is a vegan video BUT YOU PASSED BY PAUL'S DA BURGER JOINT AND ITS SOOO GOOD!! Hehe sorry had to say that okay back to veganism now…

  29. Respect for doing the vegan challenge Brett!

  30. Make Money With Alex

    Damn..I made it to the Vlog 3:37 Mark.I know I'm on the track when you run into other NYC entrepreneurs in one of the biggest city in the World.Keep up the motivation and videos Brett.

  31. BRETT, YOU'RE KILLING IT. This video was amazing!
    If you're ever in Brooklyn, check out Screamer's Pizzeria. Vegan and super bomb.

  32. QUACK yeah, Brett! One of these days i'm gonna get you up here to skate Albany and treat you to some amazing vegan food.

  33. DIM SUM is the best!

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