NO-COOK VEGAN MEALS » for the summer heat

The music we use: (great for YouTubers) » Film & photography gear we use: » For the #recipes featured in the video …


  1. How is it called the bread you used for the chickpea sandwich?❤❤

  2. Rachna Multani Rachna Multani

    I love the dinnerware, plates , bowl you use could you please share a link to that as well . Excellent video as always ❤️.

  3. this is so good!!!

  4. omg u live in The Netherlands !!!

  5. I loved the lentil taco salad…I'm definitely going to try it

  6. Your recipes are healthy and filling! Could you do some more healthy recipes using only easily available Indian ingredients?

  7. Question: what kind of brown sauce used together with peanut butter in the first recepie for the dip?

  8. Thanku for this video…I really love this…Good job. ..

  9. Your ring is so cute!

  10. Yashashree Jadhav

    so yummy and healthy

  11. The first reminds me of tuna stacks I make (pescatarian) I like those kinda meals because you can keep going back and making more throughout the day just like mini snacks

  12. If only I can chop as fast as Sadia xD! Amazing recipe like always!

  13. Kimberly Butler

    A most pleasing voice and presence- Beautiful recipes!

  14. As always nice video….can you make a video on how to read more books…..

  15. That taco salad tho… I need that in my life.

  16. tip for the rice paper rolls: dip the entire roll in water and take out immediately. it will continue to soften on the plate and hold together better!

  17. Positive Maverick

    Just this morning when i logged into Instagram I found your post …. believe me it was 6 am and i just couldn't control the urge to watch your video…. Someone truly said in the comments that your video is like a ray of sunshine on a stormy day. there is an essence of calm in the way you make your videos and the way you explain… I feel that i am just standing right next to you while watching the videos. A thumbs up to the video…
    By the way when are you making a video on your recent trip…. your on location/vacation videos are a delight to watch….

  18. I enjoyed this video (as always) could you do a pasta video may be a pasta salad since it’s summer

  19. prakriti thakur

    Hii sadia . .
    How come you never use salt in ur recipes???

  20. As usual amazing videos, amazing recipes.

    Sister you got to do some recipes for the people with allergies. Recipes without any pulses please, nothing from the nuts group, or any legumes.

  21. Recipes using ingredients which can be stored without refrigerator?

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