NEW YEARS WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Eating Vegan for Weight Loss!!

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  1. Isabelle DeArmon Henry

    That 3:02 breathing clip though :"D ahaha Love your videos!!!

  2. you look like a prettier version of gigi hadid!! you're gorgeous!!

  3. you look like gigi hadid, so preety

  4. Her eyes reminds me of Gigi Hadid for some reason, so pretty

  5. Alannah Truelson

    You sound like tana !!

  6. Kaela O'Donoghue

    If it's 5.99 a month, that's 70 a year, not 60

  7. I live in Australia where thrive doesn't ship to, does anyone know an alternative website like this??

  8. Seriously what do you do to your hair its so stunning is that your air dried hair? Also I'd love a skincare routine video your skin is GloWING<3

  9. College Q&A

  10. Corrine Sanfelipe


  11. WHY WOULD YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT?? To lose from were? From the nose? You are so beautiful and u don't need to(ps sorry for my English)

  12. Fashion District

    You're so young for been a vegan


  14. feels like all of your recent videos were collaborations :/

  15. you look like Gigi hadid!

  16. TheHealthyVeggie

    Ive been vegan for awhile, but i made my resolution to eat more whole food. I eat a lot of vegan junk haha! Ill still eat it, but only every now and then instead of all the time :P

  17. Omg your lashes look so long and curled!! What mascara do you use??

  18. Honestly why isn't she a model she's so stunning and she's tall lIke fuCk mE uP

  19. I hope you get your voice back soon!!!
    I am definitely going to try out thrive & that potato looked sooo good!

  20. If you think that this is too good to be true, think again. This weight loss green store tea is very effective and it has really helped me lose a great deal of weight over the past 3 months!

  21. Virginia Enckevort

    Is there a gym at Syracus and if there is do you have to pay?

  22. I know this was a while ago but I started re-watching some of your past videos. Over this past summer you had these tortoise shell and gold glasses. Are they also from firmoo too?

  23. you should do a vegan grocery haul or grocery essentials

  24. Meera Srinivasan

    AHH SO HAPPY I FOUND THRIVE THROUGH YOU!! Just ordered some yummy snacks for studying!

  25. That Almond Butter looks so delicious. Happy 2017 to you. I hope the new year continues to bless you and your family. 🙂 ♡

  26. Can you pls do a New Years resolutions video??!!

  27. You are literally the best youtuber!

  28. Loved this video! How long have you been vegan?

  29. will she ever upload a non sponsored video?

  30. you're sooo stunning


  32. what are you wearing on your lips?

  33. Needed this <3 Love the video!

  34. I'm vegetarian but eating mainly vegan and especially all the time I'm home and I want to gain weight.. but it's so hard. Everyone says they gained weight when going vegan but I always struggled when gaining weight and I wanted to ask if someone had the same problem and maybe was able to solve it somehow? Happy new year :)

  35. margot wheres ur jumper from? i love it & ur videos! xxx

  36. that potato looks dank

  37. It's actually $71.40 a year not $60

  38. where is your silver choker from? ugh I'm obsessed! thanks for sharing these recipes :)


  40. Seeing you makes me sooo happy even if I don't know you in person <3 You re such a happy and down to earth person. Keep it up!! ^_^

  41. watching this while eating sweet potatoes with mashed banana and cinnamon. the

  42. Okay…You convinced me to become Vegan ! This Thrive market seems really awesome, too bad it doesn't ship to Paris :(

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