New Orleans Style Vegan Red Beans & Rice | Vegan Soul Food

Red beans and rice is one of my favorite comfort foods. Luckily it’s also super healthy and nourishing. Click here for the recipe: …


  1. "Now we're gonna put in some… SLAP YA MAAAMA!" still cracks me up! This is the best recipe! 🙂

  2. Michele Michael*

    First video I have seen of yours. "You had me at red beans and rice!" Subscribing! =)

  3. One Peaceful Mind Alicia's Handmade

    omg girl I love that combination too

  4. DinnersDetroit FoodCo.

    Smellovision how about tasteovision lol looks good

  5. New sub from Caribbean. Thanks soulful lady fir sharing this bean receipe. Now whats the name of the last ingredient ypu added to the pot (seaweed) or is it another name. Where can I find it for my bean. I do get gasy sometimes from beans

  6. You can't leave this empty

    Love the irritable bowel hack 🙂 xox

  7. She's so fine

  8. You look like Tina from the princess and the frog I know it's off topic but I just had to say it!!!!

  9. Diamonds and Fuzzy slippers

    What was the last thing you added to the beans please? I would like to look for that.

  10. Do you have a time and water quantity adjustment for those of us who want to use an instant pot with this recipe?

  11. Came for the recipe repeated for the beautiful girl

  12. dreamergirlbaby

    I gotta try that vegan sausage first

  13. How does that fake sausage taste?

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You’re making my whole foods plant-based lifestyle not only sustainable but extremely enjoyable! These beans are amazing! I’m going to try the leftovers in a burrito with tomatoes and vegan cheese sauce.

  15. God, you're adorable.

  16. natalietimmins1

    Your such a smiley person! Delightful to watch x x

  17. Kinsey Croissant

    Funny how she talked about smell-o-vision because I totally coukd smell when she was sautéing the onions and garlic. YUMMYYYY!

  18. Yummy

  19. I love your voice!!

  20. Chiann Hitower

    how do you soak the beans…cold or hot water

  21. I am watching your video for the first time and I have to say you have some kind of beautiful and positive vibe.

  22. The way I woulh cook my RBR's is that i cook the rice separately from the initial veggies and I wouldn't add any salt until half an hour of cooking. I do the veggies in a separate pan, adding chopped tomatoes but other than that, it looks great.

  23. looks good, if I cook the beans without pressure where I live, it would take 8 hrs, i live at 10,000 feet above sea level

  24. kamerin evonne

    I love this jazz bootylicious instrumental

  25. Thank you Jenne for that video! I want some red beans and rice so bad now! I thought about using that apple sausage when I saw it in the store but the name put me off. I didn’t want any apple flavor in my beans! Gonna try it now though. It is my goal to be completely, full time vegan! (I’m mostly vegan right now, with a little exception here and there.)

  26. Mark E Pugliano

    WoW are you the prettiest girl in the world? ….. Yes

  27. I’m totally making this- thanks!

  28. When you soak the beans overnight,. do you keep them in the fridge?

  29. imhotep imhotep

    You are beautiful. Make me want to move to New Orleans. God spend a little more time on you.

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