New Diet Study: Largest Weight Loss Without Restriction or Exercise

Achieving rocket-fast weight loss that is comparable to stomach stapling without restricting calories? Tell me more. – Links and Sources …


  1. Go New Zealand! (I'm from New Zealand) 🙂

  2. Is your name really mike?

  3. Woohoo thanks to the team!

  4. Great video as usual! I just saw this video on Facebook and would love to hear your thoughts about this new technology. It's obviously not vegan friendly and it kinda gives me the creeps, they are making chicken from stem cells for food consumption…

  5. Not a fair comparison. There is not an epidemic of people drinking themselves to death from orange juice. Consuming animal products is linked to obesity and heart disease. As for the rest of the meat and dairy industry their are so many other social costs like global warming, resource depletion, deforestation, increased use of antibiotics and the REAL danger that they could become ineffective against new strains of bacteria as well as the danger of viruses like swine flu or avian flu jumping from farmed animals to humans. A cost that all of us may have to bear if it results in a pandemic, including those of us who have chosen not to consume animals or their excretions.

  6. hey why isn't there a zero option in the height thing. its frustrating to put that I'm 5'1.. I'm 5'0.

  7. My mum and I went whole foods plantbased around 6-8 months ago and have both been delighted with how our lives have changed. Mum specifically has lost around 14 pounds slowly and sustainably, is now at a perfect BMI, is putting on muscle mass, and has seen her blood pressure return to normal, and that's with frequently eating her favourite meal – nothing but a huge bowl of (baked, no oil) chips/fries for dinner. We follow Dr Greger's recommendations for portions of fruits/veg/greens/beans etc and both love it. Both very tall ladies (mum's 6ft) with big appetites and the tendency to get VERY grumpy when we're hungry. We've both 'dieted' (calorie restricted) for years and made ourselves miserable, so eating with abundance suits us very well. We've both lost our junk food cravings and neither have felt the need to binge in months. I've been diagnosed with severe clinical depression and was on max dose SSRIs for years. Came off them (SLOWLY – SSRI withdrawal is a real thing and will kick your arse) within two months of eating this way. My mood is more stable and I'm happier than I've ever been (shoutouts to exercise, meditation, and gratitude for their help too).

    In short – it's brilliant, and we both love it.

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  10. so freelee the banana girl was right

  11. LeNuDiscoMaitre

    Sorry if this question is out of place but I wasn't sure where to ask it. I've been using coconut oil topically as a moisturizer, can the oil perforate the skin and enter the blood stream? If so I'd like to know so I can cease using it ASAP. Thanks!

  12. veganism. it works

  13. Mic.. can you do a video on the REsearch done on organic produce vs non? I keep hearing how "glyphosate is safer then salt" and that some of the organic Herbicides and pesticides are far worse and more carcinogenic then traditional used options.. as organic gains more ground I do fear they cut corners also and try and pinch pennies at health costs .. anyways I'd be interested in your views.

  14. love your videos! thanks for the great info mic!

  15. The results of this study is from going from processed junk food, overeating, to whole foods which means no processed junk. It's not because they no longer ate meat, it's because they ate no processed junk food. Correlation does not equal causation.

  16. I registered two different emails to plantspace and I'm not receiving emails from plantspace to either so I can't log in 🙁

  17. Isabel Hargrave

    OMG your eyes. So pretty. Tell us the truth, you use an eye filter, don't you?
    PS: I'm not even into blue eyes.
    PS2: but OMG, your eyes…

  18. great video, thank you

  19. Mike, I didnt see this video in my subbox????

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