New Canada Food Guide: Some Can’t Handle It

The Canadian government wants you to eat what? The new food guide JUST came out so let’s talk about what they recommend, what they don’t, and how …


  1. Let’s have some fun! “Some can’t handle it” is a weak second half of the title. Comment your fill in the blank idea and I will change my title to the best one. New Canada Food Guide: ______________

  2. You really like the fact that 37 scientists came up with this guide that matches 90% of your food choice but ignores the 10% that doesn't match.
    The 10% unmatched is there for a reason Mic.

  3. Wow!! Its not quite a whole food vegan diet but its close! I wonder how long it will take the US to catch up?

  4. Darn. I thought you were Canadian xD

  5. Oh and by the way nothing is better than the under fed dead head look……..why do you all look like sick college kids at lollapalooza

  6. Please canadiens keep eating vegan we love having weak neighbors. You can send your beaver south

  7. Can someone give E.T a hot wing…..he looks really hungry

  8. It's not the diet suggestions it's the angry pretentious hairy Skelton screaming at me

  9. 00:29 “At first glance I found this plate a little bit shocking! Why? Because 90% of it is exactly what I eat as a whole food vegan!”

  10. eat the paleo diet

  11. That little tub of white- Its greek yogurt – as appears in like 5 of the recipes. I also only noticed one vegan recipe. The rest have skim milk, greek yogurt, cheese, eggs etc.

  12. Blaim Canada, blaim Canada! -I guess in Canada the costs of health care are starting to outweigh the yields of the "added value" of the food industry too.

  13. That's interesting, although I will stick to my carnivore lifestyle. My step mom is vegan, for my body vegan doesn't work because I work out almost every day and it makes me lethargic and bloated af. I hope one day we get a table/plate based on our DNA not some general guidelines trying to applying to everyone. People react to foods different than others.

  14. way to support the depopulation agenda idiots

  15. Eggs are only by nutrition scientist used as the control group for quality protein because they’re are of the highest quality proteins out of all foods in the world containing all essential amino acids which determines protein quality… eggs are good!

  16. Keep on, keeping us informed!

  17. Love the new food guide.

  18. CommonSenseDictator

    When has Canada ever been the correct authority on anything? Lol

  19. Germanic Carnivore

    omg what is going on the elites want everyone vegan the governments are pushing this! humanity is fucked!

  20. Martin Garcia Badaracco

    Lol this is what happends when you let scientists do their work.

  21. So disappointed to learn mic isn't a Canadian. So disappointed.

  22. Éliane Blanchard

    The Food Guide was actually a "what you need to eat so you don't die" guide when it first came out.
    Also, different foods were popular/cheap back then. My dad's uncle had a fisherman dad and he used to eat crab sandwiches as a school lunch bc back then, it wasn't popular, it was more a "collateral product" of fishing and was worth nothing. It's crazy to think that crab meat was once called garbage.

  23. Just leaves more animal products for me… no biggie

  24. It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken

    Such huge progress, so proud of my country! The future is vegan!!

  25. Peace Love Motivation

    Saturated fats in moderate amounts are not bad for you. Most people who follow a SAD (standard american diet) consume too many saturated fats and not enough unsaturated fats. That, in combination with added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, other chemicals, not enough fiber, inadequate hydration, way too much simple and refined sugars, over-consumption of refined grains, not enough nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables in order to obtain their micro-nutrients, poor body composition/ weight management, high stress levels, high drug and alcohol consumption (including tobacco and caffeine), and not enough sleep or exercise- that is what causes the leading health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and cancers.
    Of course if you compare the diet of a vegan (who is most likely more health conscious in general than a person eating a SAD, and less likely to engage in unhealthy habits and behaviors) to a SAD, it's going to look like a miracle cure. But the truth is, natural meat and eggs (no hormones, no antibiotics, and raised and fed properly) are not inherently bad for you. Too much animal products are bad for you, certainly, especially when it replaces important foods like fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, and unsaturated fats meal after meal.
    A whole-foods diet that includes moderate amounts of meat and eggs (which are a good source of vitamins and protein), lots of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, plant-based fats/oils, occasionally some fermented foods for pro-biotics and gut health, and some whole grains- but not dairy (that just messes up your hormones and tortures cows)- is most likely going to be BETTER for the average person (some people have food intolerances to animal proteins or grains, so consider them) than a vegan diet, even a whole-foods vegan diet, because the nutrients that vegans must supplement with are easier for the body to absorb in their natural forms (like in meat and eggs). So congrats to Canada for making excellent dietary recommendations based on genuine science and not politics, business, or ideology. I wish the US did that 🙁

  26. Cheese isn't healthy so I'm not surprised that it doesn't include cheese

  27. Loved the comment about subsidising plant based farming! Yay.

  28. WHOOOO!!! Yes my boyfriend literally texted me right after our food guide was released, he is a meat eater and I am vegan, so now it's just HIS turn to make the changes and hopefully this will motivate him a bit more!

  29. well there goes our chance of raw milk legalization. lets shove broccoli down our throats and eat tofu like good little boys we are

  30. Colm Mac Diarmada

    I'm living in an age where we are seeing evolution in real time.

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