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Easy vegan budget meals! Healthy homemade wheat bread, potato soup, DIY peanut butter, roasted veggies, lentil patties and more! Ideas inspired by an …


  1. You are amazing and this is even one of my favorite video recipes from you yet!!! Thank you 😀

  2. have you tried the soup cold? hmmm…

  3. When you've been misspelling Alyssia's name but she's so nice she doesn't correct you /:

  4. Everything looks so delicious. Preparing nutritious meals on a tight budget can be a real challenge. You did a great job….Pass my plate sounds like a wonderful organization. I'm going to check them out:)

  5. Important to note here that the $1.90 is for all expenses, not just food. So even though Alyssia was able to make delicious, healthy food on this budget, it gets much more difficult when you have to put some of that money towards rent, clothing, medicine, etc.

  6. Bread! Bread! Bread! Bread!

  7. This was an awesome video, thank you so much

  8. Carrie Schneider

    I just found out today my dog has spleen cancer…can u make healthy dog food ideas and recipes?

  9. could you make the bread with oat flour… or would the taste be weird?

  10. jillys art on youtube art

    Love this, pls look at my facebook, jillys art..tks

  11. People just waste too much food, could you please teach some recipes with leftovers? If you already did, I believe this will be a subject that will never end 😉 I'm already thinking about that bread turning into a panko flour 😀
    Loved those ideas! Thank you for sharing

  12. Thumbs up MOM! Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner never looked so good and yet so cheaply! As for the homemade Peanut butter, nuff said, for this PB&J junkie, i'm gettin' my own food processor and making it here! 🙂

  13. Student life

  14. As a new Mom to twins I found this very useful. Because of daycare costs I couldn't go back to work. We doubled our family and halved our income. Sadly,we are at poverty level now.

  15. great …!!!

  16. You should check out Burmese chickpea tofu 🙂 It's soy-free and super cheap (just the price of 1-2 c of garbanzo beans per batch, and any seasonings you want). I've been eating rice bowls with that and salad leaves/veggies and peanut sauce, and it's pretty good! Unfortunately I have to agree w comments about the parchment paper, as well as using a good blender. We are on a tight food budget right now but I'm lucky that I have good appliances to make stuff with. when you're counting the pennies, parchment paper matters. I also probably wouldn't buy basil- I can't find it around here cheaper than $3 but parsley/cilantro is like 50c. I love videos like this though! It's definitely eye opening how tough it can be to feed a family for such a small amount of money.

  17. thatcrazinessabout

    I'm really sorry, I love your videos, and I don't mean to be rude, but if they are living with a 1,90 budget, they'll not have food processors and cast iron pans :/

  18. could the wheat flour be swapped out for a gluten free flour such as almond flour?

  19. Love that you did this. Was wondering about the macro/caloric intake before you mentioned it at the end. Did you do a breakdown? Would be interested to know how it fared, I'm guessing it hit macros or was close but was probably low on calories?

  20. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for spreading awareness and for your innovative recipes as always 🙂

  21. Caras Life on the Farm

    I love this! I have a regular equation for giving every month, a certain fraction of our income.

  22. So happy for this video! Definitely what I need for college especially when I'm so broke and I want to stay healthy, thanks Alyssia!!

  23. Loved this episode! healthy doesn't always need to be pricey, a lot of the time its just a ton of marketing to justify insane price tags (Like $12 for 4 acai packs where I live?!) Thank you so much 🙂 and a huge YES from me for more healthy budget friendly meals 🙂

  24. I love the bread recipe and method. I want to give that a try.

  25. She cooks, she's socially aware and active, she can throw down in the gym, and she's hilarious? And to think people say perfect women don't exist. Those people just haven't seen your channel yet.

  26. so funny – i just watched your day of meals under $2 from last year just last night! 🙂 i think these videos are so cool and i love your channel!

  27. Awesome video. You constantly deliver amazing content!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Michelle Sunshinestar

    I'm glad you are supporting for this cause.  I volunteer for a food pantry.  But I myself go to a food pantry sometimes, I hope I get to go tomorrow, my case manager has to take me.  I budget $50=$60 a week for groceries, I'm considered low income.  I do not however qualify to for food stamps anymore because the program is bankrupt.

  29. Gabriela Herrera

    Great content

  30. Love the budget meals as most seniors I know have to live on less then $5.00 a day. Have to try the bread as I love homemade but can't do anything kneading. Thanks

  31. Mind Over Munch
    Please I need a recipe for healthy cookies similar to traditional ones but not including banana…I tried it and I don't like it

  32. More please!!

  33. ging to make the lentil patties. they look really good.

  34. Brew-shetta. That's how I've always said it. BTW those lentil patties look delish!

  35. you are on fire!! Health in am Sure super delicious and cheap no One makes it better than you!!

  36. If you're living on this extremely low amount of money, it would be very unlikely you could afford a food processor or cast iron pot, unfortunately.

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