Navratri Thali | Piali The Curry Bistro | Connaught Place | Vegetarian Food

Special Navratra Thali From Piali The Curry Bistro.


  1. BC 400 ka hai kya isme

  2. Zabardast

  3. hathi ka bacha

  4. Sirf rs 445 hahahah… ambani ke aulaad hai

  5. ghar jaisa khana ka cost ghar jaisa nhi hai.

  6. Abe ooo kitna khayega yaar bas bhi kar phat jayega ek din

  7. High price rate very high

  8. Bro i have a suggestion for you in your videos . You should also cover your face when you eat something . I love your videos .

  9. Amul butter is missing here

  10. Chuttad salle bhosdike bc tujhe 400rs sirf 400 lagte hai bhavde salle srf 400 hai to bc mere account mei dalde srf 400

  11. Itna thusne ke baat konse vrat hota hai Hamare desh ki Ajeeb Hai dieting ke naam per 2 3 kg salad khte hai or vrat k.naam per thali or.karwachot k naam per shopping

  12. siref …Rs 445 + tax ….lol….. Siref……

  13. Price bhi bohot jada hai

  14. Asslam o alaikum To all,..
    one question hai apse
    navratri ane par itna simpal khana kinu khte hain ap log??

  15. Very costly

  16. Where the face impression……without that not enjoyable

  17. Indian Food League
    Barbeque nation cannought place
    Indian food league

  18. Make more videos brother

  19. voice quality recording not gud

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