My Weight Loss Vegan Meal Prep Routine 2018

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  1. Great recipes! Can't wait to make them!!!

  2. hey sam, i'm not sure if you're still doing intermittent fasting but you should really listen to this podcast! it's only like 20 min long and I can guarantee it's a lot of new info that you haven't heard before. i love this doctor's podcasts so I wanted to share this info with you and then maybe you can pass the info along to your viewers. pleeaseee check it out!

  3. Oh my! That chopped salad look so bomb dot com. And I love your urkel voice. It’s so funny

  4. daisha castellanos

    Hey Sam what is your skin care routine!!

  5. You said the seitan is low in cholesterol. That’s technically true, but really it has NO cholesterol!! No vegan food does – it’s only found in animal products! Thought I’d just share this with everyone. Being vegan is super yum, as Sam has shown, and also sooo much better for you. Go vegan!!

  6. yuuuuuuuuuuummmm

  7. I lol everytime I see that you still have the sticker on your food processor! I actually bought the same food processor on Amazon about a year ago and love it! Excited to try your saucy recipe!

  8. Fat burn Products

    Nice video. There's this product I've been using. I've lost 60 pounds in 3 month's. I think y'all should give it a try

  9. I can't wait to try these! Have you tried the Trader Joe's Chili Lime seasoning? I think of you every time I use it. I think you'd LOVE it! (If you haven't already)

  10. Bridget Barkema

    Loveeeeeee you

  11. I loved the recipes! Thanks for sharing! I want to try this pasta, I never had it and it's so high in protein!

  12. Can mushrooms be eaten raw?

  13. But these mushrooms are raw!! Don't you have to cook them before eating or something? In my country no one eats raw mushrooms,we don't find them edible.

  14. Love the raw chopped salad! In the summer I crave so much raw fruit and veggies.

  15. Those were the prettiest peppers I have ever seen

  16. Love this Sam! How long does the salad last?

  17. Excellent meals !

  18. Oh my goodness – I HAVE to find that seitan the next time I'm at Whole Foods!

  19. M hassan shabir


  20. I've been watching you since you have like 30.000 subscribers and now I'm shocked how this time fast goes and so proud ❣️ can't wait for hit half of milion which is so close (sorry for my language if there was any errors)

  21. that all looks so delicious you've given me so many ideas!

  22. Cool video samm

  23. Yum where do you find the seitan ?

  24. Please do more of these so helpful!

  25. Great meal prep 🙂

  26. Please make mor videos like this ?I learned so much

  27. your body looks like Chantel jeffries, so gorgeous!

  28. loved these meal prep recipes Sam thank you. Ive not heard of seitan so I'll try that next. 🙂

  29. You can also use homemade hummus as pasta sauce! It's super delicious and crazy customizable!

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