These foods are my favourites to prep for lunch! They’re versatile, easy to make and healthy. I’ve really started enjoying eating plant-based foods, especially …


  1. u inspired me to make those vegan patties Kristine!!!!! Thanks and keep up ur great work!!!!

  2. Ahh we're sinkmates, I have the same one or the same plug anyway. There's a lot of prep going on there but it looks well worth it

  3. Lol "there's a pear in thereeee" I relate to you trying to talk faster when doing voiceovers honestly XD

  4. both dishes looked delicious!!

  5. Yayy!! Food prep video .. love it. Thanks @msfernandez

  6. bitbatbutttiktaktuk

    Your guys”s accents are awesome down under ! :)))))))

  7. The water and vinegar cleans the fruit and veggies and get rid of some germs and bacteria. You can clean poultry as well.

  8. Dondon Ramirez Tugas

    The food Looks yummy and healthy for sure! Thanks Kristine

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