My Top 5 Go To VEGAN Meals On The Starch Solution

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  1. Bipolartorecovery

    rice when cools turns into a resistant starch which helps rebuild the lining of your gut as well as is more diabetic friendly and may help prevent colon cancer because it causes your body to create butrerate (sp?) cooled potatoes, cooled rice, whole wheat and green bananas are resistant starches. i'm giving it a try for my treatment resistant ibs. i'm on day 5 and my pain went from a level 5 to a 1 at most =)

  2. Yasss I pretty much have all this stuff at my house. More sushi videos please. ☺️☺️☺️

  3. What do you mean throwing your fries directly on the rack? How do they stay on there?

  4. I'm sure if you stopped eating all that avacado you'd lose that last little bit of pudge that you have. Just saying. Other than that you are beautiful for sure. I'd love to meet a girl who eats the mcdougall diet.

  5. Burrito bowls for dinner tonight!

  6. I am so going to try the potato wrapped in romaine this week… that sounds so good…

  7. no offence but you just talking in a video is boring as hell. i like when you cook and show recipes.

  8. Sorry to be stupid, but the recipes are below, where?

  9. you look like mariah carey

  10. I thought that I should avoid pasta rice and potatoes .I noticed you dont eat olive oil or bread .Is that right ? When I stop eating bread then I lose weight .

  11. Hannah, I just started back on the lifestyle and have to say your videos are keeping me so motivated. Thank you for all you've done for the community.

  12. Super super helpful!! Thank you so much! I love your meal planner, by the way!!

  13. not that it matters, but I am an old vegan hag and I love your channel. You are my favorite. An dam I wish I could lose weight, I'm 52 and the menopause weight sucks. I watch you and I think I kid myself that I look like you. Yah right.

  14. Jennifer Hernandez

    You should make a book with starch based foods. I want to try to do the starch solution but better at following receipts

  15. is ketosis bad for you ?

  16. Awesome meals beautiful lady. You make it fun to lead a healthier lifestylr. The sushi looks amazing. Keep going…

  17. How come you don't eat sandwiches/wraps as a staple meal?

  18. the video starts at 1:35

  19. the sauce for the potatoes!!! i used 2 tomatoes, 2 avocados, some green onion, half a red pepper and a few dates….. it was actually pretty good, however i think 1 avocado woulda been more than enough? i dont know it was really fluffy and kinda sweet, but i really liked the onion in it!!! suggestions please!!!!!!!!!!

  20. did anyone lost wight eating all that?????

  21. You're inspiring me to add vegan recipes to my diet. I'm trending towards more natural everything in my lifestyle and this summer we're gonna have tons of veggies from my garden…so excited.

  22. I'm vegan for Lent and I appreciate channels like yours that show how you can eat tasty, normal, and cheap meals without animal products. Other channels either have bland meals or difficult meals–both of which will have you missing animal products.

  23. I love this video, it provides so many meal ideas, and so many variations within the same meal!

  24. I love your videos and ideas…keep'em coming! I'm also interested in a tiny house, so your experiences and knowledge are great!

    For future videos–and I know it sounds super nit-picky–could you speak more softly? I had to turn down the volume on this about 2/3 (usually I do it about half for your other videos). You use great equipment so your voice gets picked up well. This isn't the only video with the issue but it's the best example thus far. Thanks for your consideration!

  25. Mariah with a lot more substance

  26. I like the one dish meals too. Quick and easy. Your's look so delish. Lots of tips. Thanks.

  27. What kind of nori do you use? A lot of the time when seaweed is extracted little fish get caught in the process and then they tend to be ground in with the seaweed so the nori might not necessarily be vegan a lot of the time :/

  28. Why are some of your videos are blurry. Like they are auto focusing…

  29. Omg this food look sooo amazing!!! thanks so much for sharing and for inspiring others!! 😀
    Love from a vegan vlogger living in the UK xx

  30. Hannah… real goddamn talk for a second… your recipes are not easy or even imaginable to eat for people who are interested in trying to go on the starch solution and are used to typical food.

    What about guys like me who would rather worry about the pile of school work or what I'm going to do at the gym rather than the laundry list of exotic and yet "easy" ingredients you display. I'm a barbarian, a savage, and I have no fucking time. What about us?

  31. Please make another video like this! Very helpful 🙂

  32. Hannah, the alfredo sauce is delicious! My whole family loved it. Thank you so much for sharing this excellent recipe!

  33. Thanks! 🙂 It all looks so delish and easy to do! 🙂 Hugs! 🙂

  34. thank you very much <3

  35. So.. Rice with stuff in it, rice with stuff in it, potatoes, pasta, and rice with stuff in it… Lol it was all kinda the same

  36. omg looks just like mariah carey

  37. Hi I am 16 almost 17 years old and I have been vegan for just over 6 months. When I started I was between 125 and 130 but coming on 6 months I am now between 135 and 140 which is terrifying to me. I haven't looked this pudgy in a long time and even before I wasn't starving myself or anything I actually considered myself as well rounded with food as I could be (only eating meat dairy and eggs so therefore not actually healthy etc…). Anyway I was just wondering if you think it is just I haven't been vegan long enough or  are there some possible general things I could be doing to mess it up for myself because I am active for at least 30 minutes every day but usually more, I avoid processed sugars, I drink water constantly etc…. I mean, I will never stop being vegan now that I have the ethics behind it, but it is becoming very discouraging for me, especially since some of my friends who I convinced to go vegan are seeing results without doing all of the "restrictions" I am doing (idk what else to call them) I just want to find what works for me.

  38. i have starting becoming a vegeterian. i'm 27 years old mum. i will feed my kids animal products because i ken they wont eat my type of food but if they want to join me. i help. the recipes are fab. i'm having a hard time making recipe plan meals. i never realise how much veg i use to bin. all my veg gets use now. usually if starts to look weird. i chop everything up, add spices and bam in the slow cooker. use rice or pasta. i will blender the sauce and my daughter who is three seems to like it. she loves basil inthe tomato sauce. my mum is very scared incase i dont get enough protein but i keep telling her that aint the case. since reading so many books. once all my meat is out of the freeze. i will never touch meat again. three weeks. i havent touch it. planningto use the meat for the kids, partner and my parents. also i'm very overweight but the reason why, look at the animals. i have pets and i think, i cant eat them. it is odd. i have tried going when i was teen but having no money and no knowledge, i went back in my old ways. proud of myself. as i finding new recipes and enjoying meals. it feels like achievement not using meat. what can i make? everything is base around meat. learning and your recipes fab, easy for beginnings. so thank you for your channel

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