My Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes | How I Lost 40 Lbs



  1. MR & MRS .shayla Hardell

    im have to stuck with this im see if it helps me .

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  3. Hi , I have used your chocolate smoothie as my breakfast this morning. It really taste delicious not like those yucky powders. I have put cinnamon and ginger for a bit of a kick. I am really full now and I am hoping this would help me with weight loss. Tonight I will make the green smoorhie

  4. Garcinia Cambogia seems to be effective sometimes. You can try it for free at

  5. And when do you drink it. After breakfast or instead of it.

  6. What is that butterthing called. Sorry couldn't understand it.

  7. I really need to lose weight, but I have no motivation or actual energy to actually move enough for exercise… So I have started with your smoothies, I hope theyll eventually make me want want to be more healthy and to start losing weight and giving the energy to start exercise…

  8. the smoothies look & sound real good

  9. I love these

  10. Please respond . How long did it take u to loose that much

  11. Is there any replacement for avacado cause where I live avacados are very rare and costly. Please reply. Waiting to know the replacement and then I'm good to go

  12. A Delicious Chocolate-Banana smoothie that's healthy.

    1 Tbs of Chocolate Powder or Chocolate Syrup
    2 Bananas
    2 Cups of Milk
    1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract

  13. do I have to use avocados I'm not a fan

  14. How long can it last??

  15. I would like to try to go non diary but I HATE coconut isnt there another subtitude ?

  16. Not gonna lie, I tried the chocolate one with avacado and I was not feeling it… so I replaced the avacado with a little Greek yogurt (coconut banana flavored) and it was delicious!!

  17. I hate avocados, any alternatives?

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