My Plant Based WEIGHT LOSS Update With Photos! • Day With Dimples • Vee-Log #19

Happy Wednesday HOME SKILLETS! It has been such a long time since I’ve updated you guys on my Vegan / Plant Based journey and I’ve received so many …


  1. You look amazing and so energetic. You are goals! I’m currently 153lbs and I’m 5feet tall. Slowly transitioning to veganism. One question, did you end up with loose skin or anything like that? Because I’m so scared of that

  2. Great video!!! I am too on a plant hard diet journey and I must lose weight!!!! But I love eating plant based and will never go back!

  3. I like her!!!

  4. Big congrats on your amazing transformation! I am currently doing Weight Watchers (online) because I was a chunky vegan, so I had to giggle when you mentioned WW! I've lost 21 pounds and am about 5lbs from goal but my age (57) and menopause are making it difficult! Anyway, I so appreciate your positive attitude and informative videos!

  5. Congrats

  6. This woman just inspires…I love your spunky attitude.

  7. you just gave me life!!! Lol!!! Thanks so much!!!

  8. I started this vegan diet I hope I loose weight like you girl

  9. How much weight did you lose?

  10. How long got did it take for you to lose weight?

  11. Prevan Warrior Princess

    Boobies were out of control LOL

  12. Whats the difference between plant based and full vegan?

  13. I have been full on Vegan for 3.5 months….work full time…I have lost 38 pounds…I have never looked back…I haven't felt this good in years…joints no longer hurt, acid reflux gone…clothes are getting to big…good thing…I have about 30 more pounds to go…you go girl…Vegan For Life…I am going to be 58 years young in October 2017

  14. New to your channel!! Love your attitude and bubbly personality. Excited to watch other vids. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the motivation, love your channel!

  16. Red is Not a Flavor

    Googles "Mongorious"

  17. Hey, lovely! I just discovered your channel and love your personality! I wanted to follow you on Instagram as well but it says the page doesn't exist anymore? 🙁

  18. are you going to write a book? or record an audio book? if so, let's collaborate. I'm launching an ebook site as well

  19. awesome .how much do you weight now??

  20. I'm just curious to how much you weigh now and what's an average weigh for you

  21. Ok I need to seriously get motivated. I'm only 5ft 2 and weight almost 160 sooooooo I've lost a few pounds so far. Thanks for the extra boost

  22. JenniferJ Williams

    That's the only pack I buy!

  23. Vegan Mommy Madness

    Time to go shopping!

  24. Vegan Mommy Madness

    Time to go shopping!

  25. That gum is loaded with aspartame. Get Stride….they use xylitol. Aspartame messes up hormones and causes many other problems.

  26. Wow you did a awesome job 😀 And might I say, you pull of short hair very well. Wish I could do that 😛

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