MY GO-TO VEGAN BREAKFAST IDEAS! 4 Easy + Quick Vegan Breakfasts

in this video I’m showing you 4 vegan breakfast ideas for 2016! the vegan breakfast ideas are easy, quick, fast and yummy! if you’re vegan let me know down …


  1. My go to is always oats. I mean… OATS. They're so frickin good.


  3. these look so amazing! i never know what to make for breakfast but now i do 🙂 love youu <3

  4. The muesli you used is also my favorite! Is it the one with, i think, dates and coconut?:)

  5. Thank you so so much for 46k!!

  6. What's your favorite meal? Breakfast lunch or dinner?

  7. more what I eat in a day please xx

  8. i would love to see a go-to vegan lunch and dinner video

  9. I love all meals! But if I had to pick a favorite, it'd be breakfast!! Great video!!

  10. I can't eat more than one banana I don't understand how everyone else does it.

  11. can you do a more savory kind of breakfast? ☺️

  12. 'this was supposed to look really aesthetic and cute' gIRL IT DID ;)))

  13. Love your video! I'm a vegetarian going vegan!!!

  14. ugh emma deserves more than just 46,159 subscribers. the quality of these videos are amazing, love you emmaa


  16. I like dinner just because I love all the savory vegan creations I end up making. It gives me more freedom to use a bunch of random items and make something new!

  17. I love food so much

  18. my fav is breakfast or dinner i cant pick and make a top 4 series

  19. Lunch definitely

  20. This video helped so much cause I'm trying to go vegan but it's been really hard to find foods to make. Thanks so much❤️

  21. ♥Illusionariess♥

    What cereal was that? (The pillows)


  23. I'm extremely hungry now

  24. Love this!

  25. you should definitely turn this into a series bc your food always looks so good omg

  26. omgggg this video is so aizhsizhiahzususbshshznzhz. TYSM FOR THE IDEAS

  27. my favourite vegan breakfast is jumbo oats, almond milk and maple syrup

  28. This is fantastic, thankyou! Breakfast is my favourite meal too and I love your pancake recipe

  29. Turn this into a series pleasee :)

  30. I'm hungry now and its 11pm

  31. Cute video!!

  32. Ur editing gives me life AHHHHH AESTHETIC!!!!! And I would love to see more of these vegan vids!!!!

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