My Go To Vegan Breakfast Ideas!

It’s time for a good old fashioned vegan breakfast video! Today I am sharing with you my go to favorite meal ideas for the morning including my recipe for …


  1. I can never get them pancakes fluffy or not be gummy 🙁 any suggestions pls

  2. cecilia sayanes soria

    Me encantan tus recetas!!! Sigue así!!

  3. Jen the egg yolk

    i love ur channel so much

  4. Marie Djoirkiy

    I'm in love with your recipes ❤

  5. mydoggotshavedtoday

    You always have the best recipes! Ones that are actually affordable and not overly complicated.

  6. vegan nutella? where is it/how do i make it

  7. Barbara Krzyzanska

    omg that looks amazing

  8. What happens if you use apple sauce with sugar for the pancakes? I have some strawberry apple sauce in my fridge that does have sugar

  9. veronika.marlene

    I’m crying why always bananas

  10. Omg 4664 Aufrufe und NUR 1 DAUMEN NACH UNTEN… bestcommunity

  11. Matilda Burkhardt

    hey mina, erstmal super video! dann wollte ich fragen: welchen food processor benutzt du? ich bin nämlich dabei einen zu kaufen und dachte ich frag auch dich mal. liebe deine rezepte!

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