My GO TO Healthy Vegan Meals #2 // Cheap & Lazy (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

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  1. I love your personality and your recipes! Thanks so much for your videos and please KEEP THEM COMING! <3

  2. How tall are you? I feel like I eat the same amount but I’m bigger than you for sure and I feel like it’s because I’m so short.

  3. Is that store bought hummus? If so, what brand?

  4. I am a Vegartrain and thinking about going vegan do you have any tips for me?

  5. i prefer the captions with soft music sooooo much more actually…words can take away from the beauty of the food..

  6. I absolutely LOVE your top!
    You look amazing!

  7. What protein do you drink??

  8. you can freeze rice?! game changer

  9. Hi dear, what can we we do with liquid tofu please ? I find nothing on youtube ):

  10. Smoked tofu is lyfe

  11. I love watching your videos! I am no where close to being vegan but my kiddo is vegetarian so I get great recipe ideas from you. thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank u for this i need this in my life haha I work a lot so these sort of things are great for easy go to food ideas!

  13. Hey girl, I was wondering where the last squeeze of sriracha over the rice and veggies was then realized you stirred some in while cooking it!

  14. What a fraud.

  15. Missed your voice over, but still a great video. Thanks, Rose! 😀

  16. You look so beautiful in that shirt. Great ideas for vegan meals. Thank you so much

  17. Lol vegans too education

  18. I love your "lazy" recipes XD happy new year and kisses

  19. I love you hair! Your quick recipes have been so helpful. Thanks!

  20. Dolores Underwood

    I can’t watch a video and read .. please Ross next time do it as usual Tnks bye

  21. I was worried when there was no siracha when you made lunch… then it came through for dinner lol

  22. Can you please tell me where you bought that shirt? I love it ♡

  23. Saw "The Last Jedi". Thought you had turned your hand to acting! Lol. The girl acting as Rose has similar mannerisms, voice and facial expressions to you.

  24. Yes I’m in love with your food!!

  25. Auréliane Michaud

    Hello Rose, could you please make a video on the best way to freeze rice, bananas and other stuffs ? Would be helpful ! Thanks

  26. Hey, just wanted to say that your videos have been so helped me so much since becoming vegan this year x

  27. Beans in a stir fry…why haven't I thought to do that? I always scratch the idea of stir fry if I'm out of tofu or tempeh. Thanks!

  28. I like your shirt!!

  29. Frozen veggies give me life ♥ I love your idea of freezing single portions of rice – I just did it combined with things so far, but just plain rice sounds like a great idea too. Not sure if I have the space for it in my rather small freezer though… I'll just rememeber it anyway 'cause I think it's neat! And I finally need to go and add beans to my veggies, I tend to only put them in salad type dishes :'D And do a combo of rice/noodles + veggies + tofu.

  30. Kinda obsessed with that brown backpack in the background. Cute!

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