MY GO-TO CHEAP & EASY VEGAN MEALS | 5 Lazy, Quick & Healthy Recipes

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  1. Do the cashews have to be soaked?

  2. Love this!!! Simple, non hysterical, chill Way to feed the World. Love how its just “add for your taste”, no measurement stress <3 i cooked like this for years now, thank you

  3. All your meals look tasty.

  4. stabile rezepte

  5. Am I the only one who hates oatmeal? I don’t understand how anyone can like something so mushy, same with chia seeds .__.

    The only time I have oatmeal is if I make chocolate balls. But it does not give it the same consistency.

  6. Madeleine I made your recipe in my video today!

  7. Mixed berry oatmeal 0:44
    Ten min mac and cheese 1:59
    Tofu veg stir fry 3:31
    Mexican rice 6:26
    Chickpea masala 7:58

  8. Madeleine, you’re a lovely young woman. Love your cooking videos. Have made quite a few of your recipes.

  9. I looove the music <3

  10. I'm so Lazy and i don't know how to cook so i chew anything or everything (Fruit and veggies) what comes in front of my sight

  11. Georgia von Tauffkirchen

    How is this cheap?? Ahhaha

  12. Yummy! so glad I've found you lol

  13. I love how you alternate through mexican,asian,indian,american

  14. Hey! what can i substitute corn starch with?

  15. holy ingredients! ahahah looks deliciousss! What in the world is Brocobee?? I am guessing just broccoli

  16. What if one doesn't have or use vegan yeast? Would it be okay to just not use any? Or would that affect the dishes?

  17. Really love your china! and the music is great as well! Keep the videos coming! Im subbed now 🙂

  18. Merry van Veldhuizen

    easy way to cut bell pepper: cut in half, than pull out the stem with your hands including most of the seeds. cut in pieces and remove the remaining seeds if you want. that way you don't waist any vegetable.

  19. This is not quick.

  20. Andreagissel Urbina

    I am hungry

  21. How many do these usually feed? As in do I need to double the quantities when I force my family to eat them??

  22. Love the soundtrack!! Great vid!

  23. I love your recipes!

  24. If anyone has Kroger mac and cheese at their store its vegetarian. Has milk so it's not vegan.

  25. the stir fry loooks so goood

  26. Vegan mac n cheese in thumbnail: instantly viral video

  27. Honestly, where was that tofu press from?

  28. Eh cheap ? I dont think so

  29. Use scissors to cut noodles as you lift them

  30. hey beautiful ! just wanted to remind you that you're confident and sexy <3 have a beautiful day my lovelies

  31. hey beautiful ! just wanted to remind you that you're confident and sexy <3 have a beautiful day my lovelies

  32. thank you, just getting ready – trying to plan for easy recipes, this has helped me a lot – cheers

  33. Ooh if you make the mac n cheese so regularly you could totally mix the everything minus milk and cashews into a preblended mix to make it go even quicker and easier!!

  34. Oh yeah that's deofinatley cheap, not at all expensive clearly :/ You're out of touch with reality, almost everyone of your meals were 90% produce. Maybe to people like you who make a lot of money its cheap but to the average person like myself there is NO WAY IN HELL I cam afford all these obscure spices and "overly expensive fresh produce (avocado, bok choy, broccoli, coriander) Have some class and don't mislead people. Sit down

  35. As a German, I just don't get that obsession with mac n cheese. When I was a child spaghetti with tomato sauce, Pizza Margherite and, of course, Schnitzel were the things to eat. Drowning your pasta in cheese always seemed weird to me, doesn't that make you totally sick and uncomfortably full? I've never tried it before, so please tell me, what shall I expect when I finally decide to make some?

  36. I love your videos but that music made my ears bleed. 🙂

  37. Hello! I absolutely enjoy your videos! I appreciate you sharing these wonderful recipes. Cheers to you all the way from Texas.

  38. I am from Europe but I live in America. I was amazed by the look of some fruits and veggies (also prices!) compared to here. Apples taste like nothing and look like they are made out of plastic. Also, in Ocean City, Maryland, an apple is $1.

  39. Thanks so much

  40. New to being a vegan from vegetarian and love your videos. Such a lot of inspirational meal ideas. Thank you

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