My FAV breakfast/lunch idea for the FALL (or anytime)! Cook with me & find out HOW TO make the BEST oatmeal with this recipe! ⭐️SHOP ➤ MY COOKBOOK!


  1. Thank you for sharing this video 🙂

  2. Rosa Van Bommel


    Maddie: I get so many questions about what kind of oats I use

  3. Ciclaly Regalado

    Omg i love these videos!!

  4. Wich oatmeal is the healthiest

  5. Romina CordovaS

    i swore on my life i would never eat oats because they tasted like shit when my mom makes them but with your recepie and toppings it tastess so goodd

  6. Lowkey just looking at her abs the entire time

  7. I'm so not an oatmeal person but this looks SO GOOD and now I need to make some

  8. Ponte brazier mujer

  9. Whitney Arredondo

    Hey, Maddie! Are those instant oats the kind you use to make your cold oats? I've seen a video or two of yours that you just add milk to and eat it cold.

  10. Molly LaBranche

    My current favourite is rolled oats, cooked in water, pear (or apple) flax seeds, pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin seeds, then I drown it in any nondairy milk (I prefer soy) and some maple syrup yummm 🙂

  11. Mookthida Kongkratoak

    Just wanna say your body is freaking goals

  12. Now I'm craving a huge bowl of tasty oatmeal

  13. there where you added cinnamon, i always add a pinch of salt! never ever leave that out. but sometimes i might add cinnamon too, or turmeric for health benefits :–)

  14. Chiara Angeli Dela Peña

    I love oatmeal I eat it everyday

  15. Its amazing how you can eat a huge bowl of food in that little tummy of yours. I can never eat that much. Probably a quarter of it is all i can eat. I love your videos. Started going vegan for about 3 mos now. I started going vegan due to stomach issues. I get a lot of inspiration from you. Thank you.

  16. Eva Ibañez Garcia

    Can you make a video about how to lose weight?? ☺️ I'd love to know your advice. You have a beautiful body girl

  17. Courtney Lepinay

    I love oatmeal! And because my son ate it with me all the time, now that he is two and a half he asks for chocolate oatmeal almost every morning. It's just oats, cacao powder, and a chopped up banana. He always says "it's so yummy." Makes my heart happy!

  18. Nicholas Pagano

    You should do porn

  19. I like putting a cinnamon stick in the milk while it’s heating up and putting peaches and a little stevia and ground cinnamon on top!

  20. So this might be a little random but can u make a vid dedicated to what u use on ur period? Ie diva cup, etc

  21. Do you guys do mukbangs? Have you ever watched one of bloves seafood videos? I'd love to hear what you think

  22. Maddie, you need to try Small Seed Bars! They are 100% vegan, refined sugar, & gluten free! There are literally no bad ingredients! THEY ARE SO GOOD! I just discovered them & they are dangerously delicious! I suggest trying the Cacao Brownie flavor, they have 15 grams of protein, &, I feel great, after, I eat them!

  23. I just wanted to tell you how much you have inspired me, not only to become a vegan but also with exercise and to appreiciate life more. I didn`t realise how easy it is to be vegan, or maybe thats just what it`s like in the beginning. I am only at day four as a vegan but you have helped me so much with all of your "what I eat in a day" videos and with your recepie videos, I even made the vegan pizza that you made and it was so delicious! I showed my mom your video about letting your kid become vegan if they want to and she really liked your point… So I just wanted to say thank you and that I love your videos!

  24. Kyle sssssssh this is maddie channel not yours create your own channel and have your opinion there lol ha ha, the oats looked really nice keep up the good vids

  25. Justanother Meghana

    Oats and smoothie bowls. Nuff said.

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