My BACKPACKING FOOD Technique [Vegan & Vegetarian Options] | The Landscape Photography Journals E10

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  1. Another interesting video! Thanks! Your choice for trail food is interesting. I have used "emergency food" kits for my excursions in the past. I supplement with dehydrated fruits and vegetables that I make at home. What do you do for water on the trail.

  2. Great video Dave. I'll be sure to copy this info for when I need to pack lightly. What about water though? Water is obviously not light.

  3. Great video showing experienced food prep!  I'll be substituting with rum and tea, and adding a little jerky to the menu but all the rest will come along!  Many thanks for making my food prep more fun and worthwhile!

  4. Dave how you manage your water needs, i.e. do you source it as you go and use filtration kits to ensure its safe to drink

    Also a Scotsman, I have to say, there was too much coffee in that Whisky 😉

  5. Hi Dave as always an interesting video, thanks. You are correct with all your info about calories and proteins as I experimented in many hikes&treks and they really works well but… after ten days of oats, raisins, banana chips etc. what about a plate of (real) spaghetti or ravioli? If you come over here (a long way… Italy…) I'll offer you a big smoking one… Ciao, keep well and trekking.

  6. Another great video. Thanks

  7. I am interested in how you wash out your jet boil without using a lot of water if you are not near a water source that would allow you to wash it out?

  8. Great overview video Dave! This was super helpful as I am getting into hiking more myself with photography and film making. It's important to fuel up the correct way for sure. Cheers from Boston my friend!

  9. What precautions do you take for your safety (animals & people!)?  Thanks.

  10. Great man! Vegan and photography Wow!

  11. Hi Dave thanks for another great video. I would have loved being able to copy your food regime on my photo hikes except that a few months ago despite having a perfect BMI, have never smoked and drinking alcohol only occasionally I was found to be diabetic. So putting together a food plan is now a confusing nightmare. As we photographers usually hike alone and away from cell phone signals, getting a diabetic diet wrong can have dire consequences.

  12. Do you sometimes forage for foodstuff? I imagine that during fall you can find amazing mushrooms out there 🙂

  13. Interesting video Dave. Thank you. What im wondering about is electricity for batteries and stuf. Are you loading them on the car?

  14. Well done Dave… Some great tips here that I can utilize for my White Mountain photo hikes…
    Thank you,
    Bill Farr… 🙂

  15. I haven't watched your video yet, but I can only assume you have Ballerina biscuits.

  16. Great video and simple ideas for backpacking. If you ever travel in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, near the little town of Lake City, please look us up. We have a vacation home on County Road 30 and there are 5 fourteeners in our area, and Lake San Cristobal. We are also near Cinnamon Pass and Engineers Pass, which are beautiful areas for hiking and photography. If you are interested in using our home as a base camp, reply to this message with a way to contact you.

  17. The main issue for me is water, it adds a lot of weight, very often there is no water on the trails over here. I see you carry a water filter, how do you make sure you will find water?

  18. Scott Humphrey-McPherson

    Fantastic presentation, Thanks again Dave.

  19. Andrew Elias-Jones

    As always great video. ill be putting this to good use in Scotland this year. Thanks.

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