Must-Try Vegetarian Eggplant Meatballs – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

Eggplant Parmesan Meatballs are an inventive way to get your kids to eat their vegetables…make this for dinner tonight and enjoy! Get the Recipe: …


  1. Keeping it Real in the Kitchen

    Totally love this!

  2. Looks amazing! Just need to use another type of cheese and would be awesome for me. More vegetarian recipes please!

  3. If you'd rather not use egg whites or are just out of eggs, 1 tablespoon ground flax seeds + 3 tablespoons water should be good for binding.

  4. In the Caribbean, it is known as Melongene or Baigan!!! Sorry but I never liked it 🙁

  5. Any of you ever try raw eggplant? It's good in salads and sandwiches. Eggplant is the king of foods to me. Nothing is tastier or more mentally or physically satisfying. It's very healthful, more than most give it credit for. It's important to EAT THE SKIN as well! People cut it away but it contains so much nutrition and taste.

  6. If you wanted to make it vegan you could probably use vital wheat gluten + water to bind it (instead of egg white) and add nutritional yeast (instead of parmesan). Just a thought 🙂

  7. Daniel Von Erich

    when you say let chill, do you mean leave the eggplant paste on the counter at normal temperature or to put in the fridge?

  8. Some herbs would b nice. Will definitely give it a try.

  9. That looks sooo delicious!

  10. Where is eat clean with Shira Boxer?! We miss her show…

  11. They brought back the old music. Happy.

  12. Curlygirl Waiting

    She sounds like Louise from Bobs Burgers

  13. Beatriz Godinez

    hooo no, this is torturing, my mouth melts!, i love vegetarian dinners

  14. Can you reduce the amount of salt or not

  15. Taqwa Oleksandr

    Awesome recipe! I really love it! p/s: it's vegetarian not vegan 🙂

  16. Parmesan cheese isn't vegetarian. Unless you've used a rennet free cheese, then it becomes vegetarian. I know, confusing.

  17. So going to try this..more veggie dishes please!

  18. plantballs

  19. Sorry for the plug, but if you like fitness, check my channel out! Would appreciate it =)

  20. Good to see I am not the only one cooking tomato sauce when wearing white ^^

  21. Samantha Anderson

    I am confused. Parmesan isn't vegetarian? I contains animal rennet…

  22. Definitely going to make these! Thank you!!

  23. Shiven Limbachia

    I've been waiting for this recipe my whole life! Please more vegetarian recipes, Sarah 🙂

  24. Why bother calling them meatballs when they aren't?

  25. I don't like to fry meatballs, of any sort…so, I would probably use panko crumbs for the coating, and bake them at a fairly high temp, for a short time…I love eggplant, so this recipe is a "must try".

  26. Thank you so much, Yum Yum!!!!!!!

  27. My 4-year old just told me we should make them for dinner! She is so excited to try them 🙂

  28. She's great! !! isn't she?

  29. Pedro Rodriguez

    More vegetarian recipes please:o I'm trying to get into a vegetarian diet but it's hard lol but with some good recipes it would be way easier

  30. Jiraiya Nightcore

    I'm not vegetarian but i want it

  31. I'm trying it this weekend!!

  32. Greta Antonioli

    Hehe I'm going to eat spaghetti with these amazing "meat" balls 🙂

  33. Protocol Officer

    Thanks for this delicious looking recipe. Your presentation is flawless, like all of your others. I am impressed with the way you state that this might fall apart but not to worry and…. Your laughter is contagious. Well done you!

  34. "4 for me none for you" hahahahaha! that was great!

  35. Hi 🙂

    Just wanted to tell you that that recipe is actually not vegetarian…parmesan (if you use the italian parmigiano reggiano) is not a vegetarian product. During the cheese production they use animal rennent. Of course it depends on the cheese. There are of course also vegetarian cheese that use different bacterias in production.


  36. Healthy Recipe Channel

    I am not Vegetarian and I still would make this recipe. It is an awesome idea.

  37. Elizabeth McGurty

    Your best! To make the eggplant balls less delicate, I would add to the processor a handful of cooked, dry chick peas.

  38. You are the best, love watching you cook

  39. I love a good veggie meal……these meatlessballs look amazing…….thanks Sarah 🙂

  40. Stephen Andrusco

    Absolutely giving this a try.

  41. Asia Pietrulewicz

    Technically – not even vegetarian (parmesan cheese) 😉 But they sure look delicious, I'm definitely going to try this 🙂

  42. omg… this looks so great Sarah!!!! Never seen this kind of recipe before. So want to try this!

  43. Don't we all just love the "or so" part? Cheers to us over-oilers. Hahaha.

  44. cool down a little more before you eat it! having your tongue burnt is the worst thing 🙁 be careful!!

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