MUST-TRY 15-minute dinner meals » easy + healthy

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  1. Thank u so much love thos video!

  2. Those tempeh tacos are definitely being added to my shopping list next week!!!

  3. Please tell me you aren't subscribed to Sarah Therese….she has you featured on her channel and I'd be so disappointed if you were associated with her.

  4. Trisna Eko Wiyatni Kawaii

    It's kindly an odd question, but would you please share your home made hair care recipe, please. I love your hair Sadya ! It's thick shine and gorgeous. Thank you

  5. Lovely production!

  6. What you use for editing video and photos? They're also beautiful filmed and cut

  7. Hey Sadia,I saw that you used Vegetable bullion cubes in some of your recipes.Unfortunately most of the bullion cubes we get in our country have added MSG…is there any alternative to bullion cubes?

  8. I just googled Tempeh 😉

  9. Adrianna Marszał

    Sadia, I need advice! There's so much information online about the benefits of drinking warm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning, and some of it very unscientific (such as "detoxifying"). Could you help shed some light on this daily practice that many boast about? 🙂

  10. That pesto pasta looks amazing!

  11. Please don't rinse your pasta 🙁

  12. Liked it.great thing to learn so many things.thanks for sharing gud things.keep sharing

  13. Look delicious from Indonesia.

  14. You look like Salma Hayek!

  15. Hey Sadia, I can't wait to try the Thai soup! Everything looks so so so amazing. As always! Even though those recipes would probably take me longer than 15 minutes. Have you ever thought about doing a meal budgeting video. As a young professional working for a non profit i find it hard to Balance money and produce loaden healthy meals!

  16. Wow!! Delicious!

  17. I like the ingredients. I will use oysters mushrooms, instead of the toufo. Ty great channel

  18. I made the pea pesto pasta dish tonight…delicious! Thanks!

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