Mung Beans Patties (Vegan) Recipe (Vegetarian)

How to make Vegan Mung beans Patties in easy steps. Mung Beans Patties Recipe Ingredients: 8 oz (227g) Mung …


  1. It needs a binding agent or it slag. Potato has a very high tendency of absorbing too much oil.

  2. You only cooked the mung beans for 15 mins?

  3. Tnx!! I'm gonna try doing these like meatballs…. I think it should be a winner!!

  4. those bass licks are badass. btw nice patties.

  5. That's quite a bit of oil there ma'am.

  6. For about that size of a patty, how long did you – or others here?- fry it (each side)?

  7. I'm making it right now ^ when i finish i will tell you my opinion :')

  8. Looks awesome! can't wait to try just got a big bag of organic mung beans from Costco.

  9. only frying part big failed next time I will use egg for binding

  10. Are these suppose to be mushy inside?

  11. can i use flour instead of potatoes?

  12. Just made them. Fried them up in coconut oil, also added fresh mushroom. Pretty good.

  13. Angel's Fire News

    love cilantro

  14. I made this and it's a yummy way to use Mong! Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

    Loved your video!

  16. can you freeze the pre-fried patties for a while?

  17. Steve Fitzgerald

    Those look so good.

  18. Sandra Estrella Rodríguez

    Mung beans!?!? Never heard of of seen it! With which other, more common, beans can I do these receipt and use instead of mung beans? Thank you

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