Most amazing Vegetarian food at Subbayya Gari Hotel | Hmm | Hyderabad Food series

Subbayya Gari Hotel Kondapur Adress: Ektha Pearl, 2-17/89/EP/101, First floor, Above RATNADEEP SUPERMARKET, Kothaguda, Hyderabad, Telangana …


  1. I know nikhil apko bura lgta hai pr koi baat nhi. Aap try kro sikh jaoge hath se khana. Aur jb aapko hath se khana ajayega fir aap khud hath mostly prefer kroge ☺️.

  2. Desi barbeque nation
    Hit like if u agree ….

  3. bhai don't worry, Keep practicing, ine day you will eat like a pro with hands

  4. Sir please come to odisa

  5. Bhai saab hath se khana shiklo u r an indian

  6. A thinatam yanti ra che ee……. Antha manchi food ni thinatam kuda radu yadava poyyi mumbai lo drinaze pakkana tinu

  7. Aise chawal kaun khaata hai?

  8. Jhodpur

  9. Bhai dekho maine video unlike kiya h q ki tum indian ho or tumko haath se khaane nii aata shame on u

  10. Kartik kartik Suryan

    You are getting Mota day by day plz keep your health at first priority

  11. Well done trying with hand ✋

  12. Aditya Shrivastava

    Come to patna

  13. Bhai Nikhil hath se khana sikho

  14. Bhai anand chicken point jao….. Please….. In gaziabad……… Jabardast taste

  15. Disliking it …..becoz hw an indian food vlogger doest know to eat from hand

  16. Hath se khane nai ata h ye gadha nautanki karta h pata nai

  17. Haath se khaana seekho

  18. Sab log Londe ko support kar do, subscribe n like karo. Mehnat toh karta hi hai Londa!

  19. pehli baar like de rha hu coz u asked so innocently and admitted that you are a noob in eating by hand. Lage raho, koi itna mushkil nahi hai haath se khana. haath mein rice leke poora muh mein daalo, don't throw in the mouth from outside.

  20. Ramchandra Panduranga


    I sometimes watch your videos on YouTube and came across this video of Subbayya Gari Hotel Hyderabad. I was really disappointed to see the way you were eating your food.

    1. While eating your food you were spilling the rice.
    2. You do not know how to eat rice with your hands – I'm married to a Punjabi and I know all Punjabi folks too eat chawal with hands.
    3. See your plate (banana leaf) how messed up and horrible it looks. Food scattered all over!
    4. You have no discipline/patience – you eat the pan before your yogurt.
    5. You are guiding the waiter where to serve you what rather than he doing it (he is trying to do that but you over ride him) so that you can learn how the Andhra food is eaten.

    You have a long ways to go before you learn some table manners and eating decorum.
    Very disappointed to see you the way you eat your food.

    Watch this guy (URL below) how well he eats, see how patient he is and how peacefully he eats. Watch his plate how neat it is. He also lets the waiter guide him how to eat. He is really enjoying his food and not gulping it down.

  21. Kol k baad goa

  22. Sir aap bachpan se hi spoons khate ho Kya

    Khane ka asli mja to hand se khanese ata he

  23. I support for no food wastage

  24. Abbe haath se khana seekh le kab sudhrega

  25. I support not food wested

  26. poriyal is not pronounced as poori

  27. ghar me khana nahi hai jo itne log wait kr rahe hai..!

  28. Dilsefoodie se Khana khana sikho.. swad se khata he wo.

  29. What price is this meal ?

  30. I support not Wasting food

  31. Cant wait to see the Kolkata series of food. Love your videos from Kolkata ❤

  32. Bhubaneswar

  33. I liked vodeo only for u agreed u will learn how to eat

  34. I support to not wasting the food

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