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  1. Skinny Recipes

    Hey guys, sharing newest study on moringa and how it will help in your overall health along with this moringa breakfast smoothie.
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  2. Tour of your garden please

  3. Healthy recipe healthy nisha ji

  4. Hello mam.. please tell how can we replace peanut butter with any other ingredient

  5. Mam you are using teaspoon but you mention it as tablespoon

  6. sarbunisha begum

    Mam thz will help for weight loss huhhh

  7. peanutbutter and peanut are not good for thyroid

  8. Can be given moringa to children ?

  9. Mam diabetic patient b mango ley sakty h Kya???

  10. smart life - our telugu channel

    But mango increases your weight kada mam

  11. Hi mam I have fat in neck its looking like band how to reduce it plz tell me mam I waiting for u reply

  12. Sreeja Prasanth

    Hello, Can you provide some healthy protein smoothies for young athletes.

  13. lovedeep sidhu

    I love that this is vegan! No milk or curd required. Definitely trying it tomorrow ❤ Can I use coconut oil instead of nuts/peanut butter?

  14. Thank you for Sharing this smoothie Ma'am.

  15. Wow super dear. Thank you. Right recipe at the right time. Stay blessed.

  16. Moringa is great in smoothies

  17. Hi nisa.. any thoughts on taking moringa everyday with thyroid medication. I have hypothyroidism and wondering if it is ok to take moringa with my medication

  18. Classify by macrosplit

  19. padmaja saxena

    Amazing, as usual.

  20. koyel raichaudhury

    Nice recipe mam

  21. Breastfeeding time il use cheyyamo??my baby is just 2 mnths old..n I ve hormone balance n pcod

  22. Shalmoli Bhowmick

    I have followed your instructions of taking moringa juice and have been highly benefitted. But due to intense digestive properties, was having difficulty in digestion consuming it during the heated summers. This video is a magic solution! Thank you so much

  23. Haii…..

  24. Hii mam ur videos r wonderful videos mam
    Nd how to avoid freeze water in summer pls tell me mam

  25. LishaManojkumar

    etil upayogichirikuna seeds nde malayalam parayamo


    U knw i din like the taste of moringa, and i feel super full after consuming it, but wen u say to consume it by telling so much of benefits, then i feel super enthusastic to have it again in my breakfast recipes and salads too..thanks for such an inspiration and acting as health booster for many including me..xoxo

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