Monday To Friday Indian Lunch Box Ideas For Women /Office || Quick Vegetarian Lunchbox Ideas

Monday To Friday Indian Lunch Box Ideas For Women /Office , Vegetarian Indian Lunchbox Ideas, Quick Lunch box recipes . The Lunchbox which I have …


  1. bhagyashri patil

    First time I'm writing comments for youTube vidio, really helpful.. Thanks

  2. Saraswati Muniyan


  3. Queens curry Kitchen

    Really enjoyed the thoughtfulness u put in the menu design !

  4. edit2 ravi photography


  5. Thank you so much mam I will definitely try it for my mom.

  6. Video starts at 2:00. Thank me later!

  7. Wo kya tha green narial jesa

  8. All r gr8…keep it up.

  9. Nice dear

  10. Itz tempting… Thanks

  11. Stop Stalking Me

    hahaha, why can't it just be 'lunch box'…why does it have to be for either a man or a woman? i just take what i like to eat at home and pack it for lunch

  12. Awesome ma’am. Thank you!

  13. Hi mam aap konsa ghee use karte hai ?

  14. Awesome video


    Nice looking video



  17. Thanks

  18. Bhagdeep singh Sidhu

    loved the video truly amazing recipes! n ur so cute to dedicate this to all ladies! keep up the good work!

  19. Good recipe s … thankuu

  20. Great job. I will make it for my wife.

  21. video starts at 2:04

  22. Very useful

  23. Hi ma'am…very nice video. ..appreciate your gesture
    Ma'am Avocados not available in our town…plz share video with a substitute for it…with same nutrients

  24. Superb mam
    Thank you so much for nice video

  25. Plz make video in english

  26. Wowww

  27. I share your video You cook very nice good not good but excellent

  28. Thanks I got many tips from this video.Would like to highlight that everything is healthy except almonds with shud be soaked and eaten..if eaten with skin ,it does more harm .

  29. Very helpful video…mam..

  30. 🙂

  31. Wow..Owesome mam..first time watching your video. .subscribed

  32. I loved all your recipes but Thursday lunch was my favorite. Keep sharing! 😀

  33. Priyadarshani Gade

    Best recipe for working women.

  34. 2 mint tak bakwas fir kaam ki baat……..

  35. Aapka receipe acha laga but I want to know if you are using iron tawa ? Or a non stick
    Suggest to use iron tawa as it is eco friendly and good for health.

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