monday to friday 10 minute breakfast recipes | 5 झटपट नाश्ते मिनटों में | 5 easy breakfast recipes

rava dosa recipe: aloo sandwich recipe: …


  1. CGM Developer1

    Which induction do you use ?

  2. Very nice

  3. Or itna butter laal mirch…….aloo besan rawa Ye heady nasta hua wo bhi 5 minet me banega 5 minet me to Ye puri tarah se ready krne pr bhi pakega bhi nahi..

  4. Recipes are good for begginers at aleast, like me, but 10mins? Not a proper title. For example rava dosa, you have to chop/cut onions, ginger, chilli, have to arrange curry and coriander leaves, that will take several minutes. Then after mixing you saying it has to soak for 20mintues? That's when the title really becomes baseless!! Otherwise video is so good. Better say 30-40 mins.

  5. ThePotatoQueen _ForEver

    That first one triggered my Triphobia.

  6. tamanna Mukeria

    That eggless omelet is also known as chila

  7. Best

  8. Sandwich osm I try it

  9. Cannot vote it for 10 mins… recipe… … food has to be ready in 10 mins… rava dosa soaking time 20 mins.., steam for 15 mins.. keep the caption right… most are just standard ones…

  10. Balappa Bandakkanavar

    Akki rave hakbeka

  11. Kon pagal khata he alu matar pulav in breakfast

  12. Thanks for sharing with us

  13. Maida is not healthy oftion daily

  14. ye sb 10 min mein nai bnte bt bht tasty dishes hai

  15. Soo nice recipe

  16. Mouth watering

  17. Very nice.

  18. Geeta Majumdar

    Please share tamato chatni rcp

  19. So yummy

  20. Great precise video. Great mouthwatering recipes. Thanks

  21. You should make more such easy breakfast videos..loved it.. thanks!!

  22. Thara Venkatesh

    Thank you somuch…..

  23. Delicious food Recipe


  24. Loved the Pudi – Undi with garlic Idli..looks yummy.

  25. Bhagyashree Deshpande

    Such a yummy breakfast is shown,my kids will definitely love it

  26. Lovina Hembram

    It's so yummy

  27. Hi mam are you malayalee

  28. I watch ur recepies, its super


    Emi baledu

  30. Rava ko bangla me kya keheti??

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