Mochar Ghonto 2 ways—with chola & coconut or chingri—Bengali Vegetarian Recipe of Banana Blossoms

Mocha’r ghonto is special to anyone who has grown up in Bengal. Mocha is the banana blossom. The niramish (vegetarian) mocha’r ghonto with coconut (narkel) and chola (Bengal gram) is loved…


  1. Khub bhalo laglo ami toh janta na mocha ranna thank you new recipe janlam

  2. This is with ref to mochar ghonto recipe that u shared ….. we just cut the inner flower directly like it wouldnt cause a bitter taste to bind in the ghonto . I hav been making the same recipie but i remove all the florets ad seperatly as done fr the lower ones do lemme know if its f9 to follow wat u shared

  3. Bujhe paina tmke best blbo na insia di ke..abosso dujnei best na hle erokm sob ranna namtona.. hats off guys..

  4. Very nice. Love mochar ghonto, the veg one! But the cutting is a very cumbersome process!

  5. Aparajita Roy Chowdhury


  6. As always hats off! This is called kelfulachi bhaji in marathi and is a very important dish to master in order to be known as a great cook. Our preparation is more or less the same…
    Also awaiting from you kumror phool dishes.

  7. The banana flower is a staple diet in Kerala…we just cut everything in small and cooked with coconut and boiled moong daal without adding water..

  8. ranna to na algorithm run korachhe…huu

  9. Nilanjana Banerjee


  10. Pls share kochu pata chingri

  11. Biranjana Mukherjee

    I requested it so long ago to you…thanks for making the video

  12. Thanks for that delicious recipe! But can't understand one thing, eta ki motor daaler bora naki jekono daal diyei bora ta banano jete pare?

  13. I wish that I could give multiple likes. I have never seen such beautiful video editing , even without silly narration you video speaks all. Especially the timeline of adding ingredients on the kadhai is superb.

    Only one question , why did you omitted coconut (grated or dessicated or coconut milk)

    This is a tropical costal cuisine , coconut and banana are made for each other .

    Once again great presentation

  14. Thanks dada..

  15. I have never seen a cooking recipe being explained using flowchart, u drew just how I picture every recepi. I get a sense of 'cleanliness' about your videos. Great work keep it up.

  16. Great video, as always. One of my favorite vegetables is "shapla" or water lilies. Can you please give a recipe?

  17. I eagerly wait for Fridays now to watch your videos.Bong eats has totally changed my perception towards cooking, looking forward to try this one on weekend.Love from Canada.

  18. sir do check my c h a n n e l.. i cover different restaurants of kolkata..

  19. Finally

  20. The way u present ur cooking ..feels so good n relax good jib

  21. Sanjukta Mukherjee

    This video is a piece of art !

  22. Laboni Bhattacharyya

    You must be awarded as the world's best cooking tutorial channel!

  23. Ekdom Maa jamon kore rnadhe 🙂

  24. Very very nice

  25. I had never heard about this as i belong to north india so i got bored in the begining itself but when i saw you cleaning each floret i was like it is really worth watching. Hat's off for that

  26. my sasuri do the same….but for niramish one… thnks for the recipe with chingri mach

  27. Your video quality is amazing and the food you cook looks great. You deserve so many more views. Heck you even deserve a cooking show. Keep up the good work 🙂

  28. Ato valo presentation j bolar noi,darun darun

  29. one of my favourite dish

  30. Easy Recipes By Kasturi


  31. Amazing…

  32. hayre cini.

  33. Excellent, as always! adding flow chart, is just awsome. very nice.
    can u plz give us raw jack fruit recipe. thanks.

  34. Tanusree Majumder

    W-O-W ☺ I'm just waiting for this recipe ..

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